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Baldur's Gate III - General
4 hours ago
Here's an idea I have for you: grab Baldur's Gate 2, then try fighting Kangaxx the Lich/Demilich, or Shangalar and his goons. Try doing these fights around level 14-16, without learning what these enemies are capable of doing, and without coming up with any specific strategy or preparation, while making only random and casual moves during the fights. I'd suggest that you have some balancing mods installed, but vanilla will do.

Then get back to me and tell me how it goes and what you think. Are these fights "tactical" enough for you? If not, what would you suggest can be done to make them more so? Or are you going to say that these fights are guaranteed to be more tactical if they are done in turn based, no matter how the enemies are designed and scripted?
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Baldur's Gate III - General
6 hours ago
Originally Posted by Jargoyle
Self publishing with no overlords meddling with the vision, or rushing the production schedule will give it a great chance of succeeding.

Damn good point.

There's more than enough evidence of how the other way truly ruins what should have been great games.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - General
Yesterday at 11:22 PM
I hate this too! Especially the "mouse over specific item very specifically" system. Funnily enough, even BG1 did this better, and that was before Beamdog added Quick Loot as a system.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - General
Yesterday at 11:21 PM
It was fine until I got the actual ending slides! But I am pretending my lizard just went along with him. Like, releasing the Source for everyone is the only one where he doesn't cheese you out in the conversation you have on the Lady Vengeance after the choice. The slide does say he disappears once the planting is done - so maybe he comes back to you. smile He's earned it, in my opinion.

I chose to become Divine to see what would happen, and he was like "I can't serve another Divine" and leaves, so it makes zero sense he would come back in the ending slides???
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 09:22 PM
PoE, you mean the game that implemented turn based combat later on because one of the higher ups actually thought it worked better.
PoE is basically a continuation of the ideas of the infinity engine.
It didnt do nearly as well as games with some originality, and i think as far as RTWP games go, Kingmaker is the better pick. There just seems to be more passion behind it.

And yeah, just seems curious. Ever since the announcement, there was a lot of screeching on almost all forums, including 4chan when it came to the combat system and the writing.
Im getting kind of annoyed by it.
For the record, i think were getting something thats neither RTWP or Turn Based.
From what Sven said, im almost certain were getting a real time action combat system with some squad controlls, something like a western dragons dogma.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 08:30 PM
Go onto steam and look how many people use Linux.
You'll be very lucky to get BG3 because 99% of the market is on Windows.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 07:34 PM
[Linked Image]
This is Swen when we all get along and quit being negative about BG3. Heated debates have their place. This is just a friendly reminder to keep it clean and be patient with Larian as they put their heads down for a bit and go on to create the best RPG ever made.
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Divinity II - The Dragon Knight Saga
Yesterday at 06:48 PM
After playing Original Sin 2 I decided to replay this hidden gem of a game. I got the developer's cut version free as I'd purchased the original Divinity2: Ego Draconis and the FOV add on. I never got round to playing it and didn't even notice the developer notes, design documents and videos included with the game until now.

Interesting video - so it was to be a much bigger game and you could attack ground enemies with the dragon in the original version; a major omission in the final game. It's a shame about those cut areas but it fell to publisher deadlines and technical limitations of the Xbox 360. There were high ambitions for this game some of which ideas ended up in Dragon Commander but the end result of the cut down version of Divinity 2 was a little disappointing in the wasted potential for the dragon combat. I had a mess about with the developer console and saw that there is a large area below Aleroth; is this part of the area that would have been playable before the game was cut down? What is that city below Aleroth? Is this the original and / or unfinished version of Aleroth and a newer version was created above the map so the 'old' part would serve as a backdrop?

Anyway here are a couple of screenshots showing what I mean and where I also managed to fly around in dragon form in Broken Valley before it was destroyed.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Story wise it's clear that this follows on from only one of Original Sin 2's endings and I've seen a few threads that there may be a possibility Divinity 2 will be retconned as Divinity: Fallen Heroes is the direct sequel to Original Sin 2. However thinking about it logically that game would follow on from the same ending that will lead into Divinity 2 so I guess this game will bridge the gap between Original Sin and Divinity2: The Dragon Knight Saga.

I hope that Larian's next game after Baldur's Gate 3 will be Divinity3 as Divinity2:DKS should have been. After all Damian was defeated but not killed at the end of Divinity 2 and the chaos demon is free to gain strength within him. That opens up the potential for a whole new storyline where Damian has recovered several years later and meanwhile the Dragon Knight has recruited humans to become dragon knights. The return of the Patriarch would play a role as well I guess as he would be the only one who could create more dragon knights. The multiplayer part of Divinity 2 could be a good potential here; co-op dragon fights anyone?

With Larian growing in size it's doubtful they would be only working on one game at once. It seems they have been working on Baldur's Gate 3 for some time and that would be their main project now but surely they are planning the next game after that? Thoughts?

I hope Divinity: Fallen Heroes does not retcon Divinity 2:DKS. Is there any hint from the developers that this is not the case? I mean in another thread it was said by Raze after the release of Dragon Commander Larian would be releasing another game finishing off the story arc of the Divine, Damian and the Dragon Knight. It didn't say when. Original Sin and Original Sin 2 came after Dragon Commander & now that they have the rights for Baldur's Gate 3 it will be some time if we see Divinity 3 if at all. But confirmation from the developers that Divinity2:DKS will not be retconned would be enough to satisfy me at this point.
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Technical Problems
Yesterday at 12:11 PM
Thank you Raze.

Yes, it is.
Sorry for having asked this again ; I haven't found the other thread before you linked it.
I'll test that immediately.

But when I do that, I got heavy lags (screen and voices) who makes the game horrible to play...
I tested the trick of deleting actx/dynamic things.
I'm on Win10 here and got 2 screens.

Anyways thanks for your help.
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Yesterday at 12:07 PM
I'm not offended, be sure of that ! I was reading some things on this forum and I'm really impressed of how many time you may have spend to answer kindly and carefully to so much persons... Especially on "bug part", I read some very agressive persons and I thank you for your patience !

I trust you for curse, not tested enough.

I'm sorry to hear the scoropion bug is still here because its "useful" in hard fight... I'd better hope some boost of some other weak-to-the-hell skills can compense...

Yes but repair basic items is not "expensive"...

"The game engine doesn't really support modding."
Just too bad to hear that... I really dislike many skills as they are... And that really break my pleasure of playing. But if its so hard to mod, as beginner, I think I can't do anything more...

I'd really enjoy few changes :
- Mana regeneration over time and one skill who increase that ; adding a basic HP regeneration aswell.
- Spellbooks add 5 "levels" who are different of the skills (so getting a mage shall require skill points and not only books but books could be very useful)
- Increase the number of possible levels in game - that's fun to level up sometimes :
=> in diminishing a bit the XP required to win level around the end, the function is as I read on manual 1000/3*(L^3-L). I thought about changing it with something like (1000+50*L)*(L²+L). With my calculations, you'll have the max XP (ancient level 50) at level 91.
=> Other spot, delete the changes of XP bonus/malus for ennemies so ennemies will always bring you some experience
=> In counterpart, diminish the bonus for quest XP rewards to not give too much)
- Reboost few skills are quite weak, decrease effect of some other
- Make some skills "go together" (example for warrior, give less strong bonuses for each weapon but a "cummulative" part to increase the needings of ability points : sword increase damage of sword but a bit for axes, spear... And oppositely).

Anyways, lets not dream too much ^^
Have a good day !
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