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Baldur's Gate III - General
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by Hawke
Haven't I told you this will be shat

I wanted to give Tuque Studios the benifit of the doubt, that was clearly a huge mistake. It's a Dark Alliance sequel sort of, but with Drizzt and the Companions of the Hall (except for Regis, who was my favourite companion), so this game is basically for Drizzt/BG: Dark Alliance fans whose experience of the Forgotten Realms is only Drizzt novels and who have likely have only played actions games and who have never played a true RPG in their life.

I spent the night staying up to 11:37pm to find out I would have been better served going to bed early instead of watching that horrible Game Awards Show, I mean only tiny slivers of entertainment.

It appears the Larian Studios getting BG3 was a fluke for WotC.

Gears Tactics, Humanity, and Ruined King by League of Legends seemed interesting, and at least the final fantasy boob reductions have stopped, although redoing Final Fantasy 7 as a action game is just pure wrong.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Help/Tips/Tricks
4 hours ago
I stop at helpless animals --- then again, they're not a-holes generally.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - General
4 hours ago
---- or have sex with the undead. smile
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems
Yesterday at 11:21 PM
Thanks for the response smile

I didn't try backing out to the main menu to load a save (forgot that was possible), but restarting the game before loading a previous save worked.

I had the game running in fullscreen mode when it caused the reboots, but after digging through some old posts I found here and on other forums, I tried switching it to "fake fullscreen", which seems to have resolved the issue. At least I've yet to have any stability issues after I switched the mode, and that's while loading saves through the main menu, in game in general, and in combat like I did before. And that includes loading saves that would break the computer before.

I can only conclude that Divinity:OS2 doesn't like running in fullscreen (at least with this GPU), which is not a big deal. Just not used to being able to play games windowed - my previous GTX960 didn't have the power to do that at a sensible framerate.

Either way, sticking to the windowed/fake fullscreen mode seems to be the solution.
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Divinity II - The Dragon Knight Saga
Yesterday at 03:04 PM
Meh. Spent all day finishing my DV2 creator only to find that the compression doesn't work. Well it does work, but DKS doesn't like it for some reason. OTOH it likes my DV2 files just fine as long as I leave them uncompressed.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems
Yesterday at 04:59 AM

If there was a GPU update around when this started, try resetting your graphics driver's 3D settings to default (right click an open area of the desktop to start the nvidia Control Panel or AMD Radeon Settings).

Do you have similar problems if you start the Classic version of the game? (assuming this happens early in a new game, so is feasible to test)

Are you shutting down all non-essential programs before starting the game, especially anti-virus, graphics utilities, or DirectX injectors, etc?

Try lowering the sound quality in-game. You could also try changing the Windows sound quality settings (one person with D:OS EE reported that a very high default sound quality caused performance issues in-game).

Try doing a clean boot and then test the game in fullscreen. Click Start, or hit WinKey-R, type in msconfig and hit enter; in the General tab, click Selective Startup, uncheck Load startup items (if required) and leave Load system services and Use original boot configuration options checked. Next, click on the Services tab, check the box to Hide all Microsoft services, then click the Disable All button (maybe make a note of which are currently enabled/disabled), then click OK and reboot the computer.
Run msconfig again to switch back to the normal boot configuration.

Try creating a new Windows administrator user account, switch to that account and try starting the game from there, directly from the executable. If you can not test in a new game (if Fort Joy is fine, for example, and the issue started after getting to the next map region), you would need to copy your latest save over from your current account's My Documents folder to test.
Each save is a folder in the '..\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\PlayerProfiles\<ProfileName>\Savegames\Story' folder.

Make sure the Virtual Memory setting in Windows is set to automatic / system managed, rather than being disabled or set to a fixed size. To check or change virtual memory settings: Win 7/8 or Win 10.

Make sure DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is set to default, or exclude the game:
1) open the Start menu
2) for Win 7
- right click 'Computer' and select 'Properties'
- click 'Advanced system settings'
- select the 'Advanced' tab and click the 'Settings' button in the 'Performance' section

for Win 8 or 10
- right click 'This PC' and select 'Properties'
- click 'Advanced system settings'

3) select the 'Data Execution Prevention' tab, and if applicable:
A) change the DEP setting to the first option (Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only)
B) leave it set to all programs, and add an exception by clicking the Add... button and browsing to the '..\Divinity Original Sin 2\DefEd\bin\EoCApp.exe' program file
4) confirm by clicking the OK button, and reboot if any changes were made

One person with performance issues with D:OS EE on an i7 CPU fixed it by setting the game not to use the first 2 CPU cores, since Windows was running everything else on them, as well. Another was getting stuttering, and fixed it by switching the game to use only one core, applying, then switching it back to all 4 cores.
To try this, start the game, then start the Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc or right click an open area of the Task Bar), switch to the Processes tab, right click on EoCapp.exe and select 'Set Affinity...'. After that, try unselecting Core 0 and 1, apply and test the game, or unselect most of the cores, apply and select all of them again.

Also in the Task Manager Processes tab, try right clicking EoCApp.exe and under Set Priority, select High or Realtime.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems
11/12/19 01:24 PM
Ok thank you for looking into this issue and I'm excited to use the combat randomizer after the next update.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems
11/12/19 12:55 PM

I'll check with the design team about that.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems
11/12/19 12:55 PM

There should be a dialog and journal update with each tomb you interact with.
If you head to Ryker's house and find the book 'Feats of the Four' (on the opposite side of the house as Ryker), steal and read it, does that add a journal entry for this quest?

If you are playing on PC, try verifying local files, to see if that helps, or on console try clearing the cache.

In the Steam library, right click on the game and select Properties, switch to the Local Files tab and then click on the 'Verify Integrity of Game Cache...' button.
With the GOG version, in the (optional) Galaxy client, select Divinity: Original Sin 2 in the left column, then click on the More button, and in the Manage menu select 'Verify / Repair'.

To clear the PS4 cache: press and hold the PlayStation button on the controller, select 'Turn Off PS4', wait another 30 second after it finishes shutting down, and start it again.

On Xbox, to clear the cache:
- press and hold the Xbox button on the front of the console for 10 seconds until it shuts down
- unplug the power cable and wait 30 seconds
- plug the console back in and turn it on
- log into the same Xbox Live account you were using, start the game and let it sync, if required

If you are playing on PC, please email supportdos2@larian.com with your save (or a Dropbox or Google drive link, etc), preferably before interacting with any of the tombs. If you are using any non-Larian mods, also include a list of those enabled and/or the modsettings.lsx file from your profile folder.
Each save is a folder in the '..\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\PlayerProfiles\<ProfileName>\Savegames\Story' folder.
In Windows Explorer you can zip a file or folder by right clicking on it/them and selecting 'Send To | Compressed (zipped) Folder' (and similarly in OSX/Finder).

PS4 saves can be sent, as well, but they would need to be transferred to a USB flash drive first.
In the Saved Data in System Storage section of the Settings menu, click Copy to USB Storage Device, select the relevant save(s) and Copy. From there you can zip the files, then copy to email or upload somewhere and provide a link.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Suggestions and Feedback
11/12/19 12:01 PM

There have not been any additional localizations announced at this time.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
11/12/19 12:45 AM
Originally Posted by Omegaphallic

The Mindflayers from the Skull of the Void are known for their ability to levitate, an ability granted by eating a lot of Beholder brains. The Mindlayers in BG3 are seen levitating, perhaps showing a link to the Skull of the Void, Mindflayers as well. It makes sense that there would be a connection between the Mindflayers of the, Shull of the Void and Glyth. Both are in realmspace.

Oh damn, good pickup! So if beholder's show up in BG3, at least the Illithid would be able to advise on how to deal with them. That would honestly be a great 'here's how powerful they are' scene. A group of Illithid with a mutilated beholder floating along in a cage behind them. Like "yeah we messed up this eye tyrant, think we're scared of you?".

And then the beholder gets free and destroys everyone.

Good times.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
10/12/19 12:09 AM
Originally Posted by Hawke
Originally Posted by Omegaphallic
[Linked Image]

Interesting tweet from Sven.

that's my screenshot you stole there. wink

I prefer to think of it as salvage. 😁
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Baldur's Gate III - General
10/12/19 12:07 AM
Originally Posted by Hamster_Baller
Usually go human Wizard in a DnD game because
[Linked Image]

but I don't know how DnD's current mechanics -let alone this game's, will roll. 3rd edition you could nuke enemies then have the team rest then repeat. 2nd edition spellcasters had a suite of tools for most situations and it was much more tactical. New/current edition? You tell me.

Will depend in part on party members. If likeable party members fill a role, no need for redundancy.


That should be starting point to become familiar with D&D 5e.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Game Master
09/12/19 08:41 PM

Is anyone running a campaign? I am interested in joining!

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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems
09/12/19 08:07 PM
Do you mean the undead portrait? IIRC all 4 transformations had this issue Nevermind, human one is also fine on my end
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09/12/19 07:42 PM
There also another question about the game BD I got after started playing second time in D: OS2 and maybe there is someone who can me help with it.
How Damian got human worshipers in Nemesis if everyone in the Black Ring thinks that he was killed by Lucian in Rivellon?
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Baldur's Gate III - General
09/12/19 02:12 PM
Monstergirls can be great if they are more than just mindless eyecandy. Fall-from-Grace (PS:T), Freya (FFIV), M'Khiin (SoD), etc.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - General
09/12/19 01:09 PM
Is Laslor's Lute tied to Lohse? Can a custom character also obtain it from the friendly Dwarf?
I just discovered something awesome during my time near Driftwood. When your inner demon breaks the lute and you get Laslor's sister to repair it, she'll offer you to enhance it with one of three types of wood, giving the lute various special properties (comes in handy for combat). I think only Lohse (well her demon) can break it, thus asking Laslor's sister to fix it. Or can custom characters and other origin ones do the same?
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems
09/12/19 08:48 AM
I have to do a lot of quest still before moving to the next act, but thanks, I figured out, that all "unsolved" quests will close after moving to the Nameless Isle, I just wondered, why didn't this quest close, when I seemingly did everything, that there is, to make Saheila, Tova and the Seven know whom else happy. The thing that bothers me, is that I know, where exactly Saheila is, but the journal reads, that she SHOULD BE with the Elves in Cullwoods. "Should be" isn't the same as "she's totally and definitely there for sure". XD The quest feels not complete eventhough I got every reward from every party involved, so it should be complete at this point. Unless there is more to it? That's what keeps my curiosity going (unless I'm the cat, then I should be damn careful, you know, what they say XD).
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09/12/19 08:01 AM
Thank you, Raze, for opening this topic back up. I am back from my hiatus due to health issues. I'm unable to edit the first post in this thread, so I'll have to post new info here. The links in the first post no longer work.

Pipe Tool is updated for Definitive Edition and will no longer work for Classic. Just be sure to select the data folder in "DefEd".

Binary: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12cSfiQunTczi9m9TnSty067cNKshj3sS/view?usp=sharing
Source: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vHpOFs_Zg_iX6nLWMLYxjnlRV1J5tgeL
I believe google will show a view for the zip contents. There's a download button on the top-right that will download the zip file. Let me know if that isn't the case.
If you'd like to check out and/or build the source, make sure to use QT 5.9.3 which can be found at: https://download.qt.io/official_releases/qt/5.9/5.9.3/

Usage Notes:
Be sure to place the binary in its own folder. The folder it resides in will be used as the git endpoint. Note that while it says git, the folder can be used as just a generic backup folder or save point for your mods. At the moment, every backup folder will need a pipetool.exe in it as it's designed to be packaged and shared with dos2 individual mod projects.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Finished Projects
09/12/19 07:37 AM
I'm back from a hiatus! PM me if you want to know what happened and why I felt like I needed to take down the mod. Basically it was due to health issues.

I've updated Arena Challenges to work with Definitive Edition and it's back on the Steam workshop.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Suggestions and Feedback
09/12/19 05:40 AM

No idea; there were either technical issues with adding it retroactively to the existing UI, or it would have required more time to implement than was feasible to devote to it. Multi-select was added for the controller UI because inventory management was much more cumbersome than with the keyboard UI.

Countering inaccurate statements is not being weaselly, especially when the claim being made is that it was promised.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems
08/12/19 11:31 PM
Hey thank you for your quick response. We tried a large amount of the stuff above, but nothing worked. It seems you were correct in the peer to peer connection. It seems that it does not have quite the support servers do and it just goes out. We tried to play yesterday night after almost giving up and it randomly just worked like nothing happened. It seems the Xbox live peer to peer connection sometime just decides you will not get to play together for a while, but I am happy we get to continue our campaign again.

Thank you for your quick response again and your help!
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Latest News
08/12/19 02:36 PM
I'd understand the denial to apply this to mods in general, but for these things I don't understand why aren't they allowed, but either way, it's really great to see these things being added smile
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems
08/12/19 07:03 AM

With a Lone Wolf playthrough, Fane may have been the only companion, and only the main character knew Teleportation.
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