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Baldur's Gate III - General
5 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Iuris Tantum

I agree with your overall sentiment though. As I already expressed and elaborated in the other RTwP v. TB thread, RTwP seems to be defended solely by people who don't care much for the combat and would rather get it over with asap. I don't get why they have such strong feelings on the combat system when they can just skip it by playing on lower difficulties.

Please don't generalise one person's sentiments to everyone. I care a lot about combat, and one of the best parts of Baldur's Gate series' was its combat system. After playing the same game 10 times, the story loses it's effectiveness, and you start only focusing on the combat. That's the main reason why many people still continue to enjoy Baldur's Gate after numerous times of playing it. And it being RTwP has a huge effect in this. I know a lot of people who feel similarly, so no need to generalise everyone you don't agree with just for the sake of trying to win the argument.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by tundalus
Real-Time-with-Pause vs. Turn-Based: The Baldur's Gate series is the definitive game franchise for real-time-with-pause combat. It's how the games were made to be- a real-time adaptation of turn-based D&D mechanics that a few clever people realized could be automated for a video game. I'm very concerned that Larian is at the helm because they are known for turn-based games. You can already observe a big rift forming in the game's prospective community around this issue... the old Infinity Engine system is hard for new players to grapple with, and games using it will never be as popular as a simple turn-based system, but for me, it's crucial to the identity of the series and the fast-paced excitement of the gameplay. For me, the fact that's it's even being debated is sacrilegious.

It's funny that you say this because Baldur's Gate was only made real time with pause because BioWare was doing an RTS that got cancelled, and they didn't have enough time to convert their engine into a turn-based system. So no, Baldur's Gate was never made to be RTwP. It was a complete accident born out of necessity.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 11:09 PM
The BG games had a very painterly style to the areas. Even though crude by current standards, they really were gorgeous. I'm not sure how that would sort of feeling would be imparted with today's graphics. But I think done extremely well, I might prefer something like that to striving for realism.

The BG1 and 2 soundtracks were also first rate. That music got etched into my imagination.

And the combination of great NPCs that were so perfectly cast by their voice actors was about as good as you could ever hope for.

Finally I want the same (or greater) loving attention to detail for the lore of the setting that the BG1 and 2 had.

I'm aware that combat is probably going to feel a bit different perhaps, because of 5E. But combat in the Infinity Engine was genius. This is a very high bar. Please don't screw the pooch on this.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 10:56 PM
Originally Posted by Sordak
agreed, however i dont think the magic of NWN will come back anytime soon.
There just istn as big a modding scene anymore. Game design is becoming easier and easier, people that used to make peresistant world modules for NWN are now indie game developers.

With as much pleasantness as I can muster: You don't know what you're talking about.

With the release of NWN:EE the modding scene has exploded and there are *hundreds* of PWs currently hosted with thousands of players. NWN2 hasn't benefited from an EE version but still there are dozens of PWs still being run and maintained. CEP and the PRC have reformed and still building.

And the cardinal rule remains the same: You can never make content faster than someone can consume it. It's only untrue if you have a legion of modders working with your game adding content.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems
Yesterday at 09:36 PM
Verbal dialogue says "they call them" here, not "she calls them." small thing, but it kind of pulled me out of the conversation.

[Linked Image]

one more minor thing to patch I suppose, thanks for reading
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 09:30 PM
First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on getting BG3!!

So, I have played Divinity Original Sin (1) from start to finish and loved it! I got DOS 2 for Christmas (2018) and as of now I just started playing it and I have to say, its very frustrating!

What do I mean, well, there are just TOO many character choices/options to pick and if a error is made, no way to fix that till end of Act 1.
It literary gives me a headache to try and pick a class that can survive Act 1, now maybe I'm a bad player, so be it but a game being played on normal should not give anyone a headache in trying to decide what roles each character should play and trying to get a survivable party together.

Im all in for a open world, be what you want to be , yata yata yata, its all good especially for game PR but we need to be realistic, its a game for people to have FUN
I cant tell you how many times I read, "I had to start all over" so many times because of bad party composition/creation, (hell, I bet even the developers were overwhelmed in trying to keep everything straight in their heads/game). Do you have statistics of how many people actually finished the game?

I watched some of BG/BG2 EE edition and I noticed that it has an AI that can be assigned to each character so that you don't have to micro manage everything, I hope that stays in BG3.

So, bottom line, dont make the game so overwhelming that the dev's are confused, players are confused and everyone gets a headache (yes they buy the game, you get the money but are they being served well?)

On normal difficulty , no one should be confused or get a headache.

The story and exploration (loot yes, everyone likes "shiny toys") should be the main driver of the game (RPG), in my view there should be limited character creation for characters that are in the game already (party members). Only ONE character should have the full scale of character creation, from looks to states), everyone else should have rolls already assigned and ready to go, you use them or not, that's the players choice and every party member should should have a AI that can be assigned to them based on their roll/talents (as in the BG1/2 EE)

I'm still playing DOS2 and I'm getting there but its a slog (just got my collar removed), my party is not op but I am NOT starting over no matter what.

Dont make the Acts so uneven, it should be a even flow act1, 2, 3 (that's if you have Acts in BG3), DON'T expect the player to "steal" everything to get ahead (like in Act 1 of DOS2 and then have everything just about handed to them in Act2/3)

Just my thoughts, if you don't agree, that's fine, I probably did not fully explain my frustration with ACT1 of DOS2, I just hope that BG3 will be "better", I know you can do it Larian!
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 08:50 PM
Tactical turn-based all the way. It's the key differentiating system that made DOS 1&2 the masterpieces they are.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - General
Yesterday at 08:15 PM
thanks Raze!

i added the .pak files in the /Contents/Data in the app (Divinity Original Sin 2 application) container.

Thanks again!
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Divinity - Original Sin - Enhanced Edition
Yesterday at 12:36 PM
Aren't devs willing to patch the item handler limit of 64.000 that render the game useless?
The game is a time bomb! It will fails no matter what... I never saw somethings like that!
My playthroug of many hours are useless! I can't even play anymore because some bad code you Larian made, but the real problem is that you are aware of the issue and pretends It is ok to let It be and tell the users to "Just don't craft/trade/etc. a lot"... Is like saying Just don't play a Lot!
It is a real problem that should be taken seriously, you ruined my game, made me waste my precious time getting decent equipments because the drop rate and vendor itens are most trash.
I Lost many hours of my life doing a beautiful playthroug and it is now unplayable. ALL my Fun was throwed into the trash! All my goals was doing some Fine characters with a strong build and equipment and I can't even play my save game anymore!

I Hope you guys have some decent and do something about It, in ALL my life I never become so infuriated because a game, It made me waste my time and I no longer wants to replay It or buy the Divinity 2 because I don't want to support a Studio who threat users like this.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 12:35 PM
And i wonder.
Have you played DnD 5E? Thats the system were getting, and if we get a game that is only limited to the rules of that system, well be getting a very very boring video game.
As for misses. OS2 had misses. Every RTWP game had misses, every Turn based RPG game has misses.
To me, this is an indication that BG3 will be an action RPG in terms of combat.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 12:13 PM
It realy depends on the perspective.
If its isometric, something like OS2 is perfectly sufficient to me. Especialy if you get the option for Portraits like in all traditional DnD games.
Now lets say we get an action combat game in the vein of Divinity 2? Yeah, i definitly want a proper character creator in that case.

That beeing said, i prefer all the core races to be in the game over having the most robust character creator.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 12:07 PM
I think in general the idea here is to create a game in the spirit of the originals rather than in the exact form.
If the developers back then had a different engine and different technical capeabilities, theyd have made different games. And you can see this from later DnD games like Neverwinter Nights or ToEE.
If they were to make one today, i figure it would be closer to Dragons Dogma than any infinity engine game.

Regardless, i think the issue you are discribing mostly comes from the system itself. DnD is a very abstract system and it is so for a reason:
Its a PnP game and simulationism can be a pain in the arse, if youve ever played The Dark Eye you know what i mean.
5E is a notoriously easy to run and low depth version of DnD, the reason for this is that 3.5, the edition 5E is based on was very cumbersome to run due to beeing very bloated with material.
2E which baldurs gate (besides the dark alliance ones) is based on is an older, more archaic version that had its focus very clearly on the dungoen crawling aspect, something the game took a step away from in third edition.

Introductions aside, DnD is an abstract game because that makes it easy and fast to run, however, one of the strengths of a PC game is that you dont have to consider ease of running. Thats probably why NWN with its port of the third edition ruleset became very popular. Also why people bemoan that there never has been a fourth edition video game.
Which kind of leads us to enviroment interactions. To someone who doesnt play DnD, this most likeley seems to be an issue. As DnD doesnt have enviroment interactions in the way Original Sin does.
This however is completley untrue, ill give you an example from a very early point in the campaign im DMing right now.

AS you might now, Dragonborn are a core race since 4th edition and a friend of mine played a Dragonborn with the Thunder breath ability.
In one of the first couple of enocunters, my party was fighting a Tribe of Kobolds, while they were engaged with Kobold skirmishers at a riverbank, kobold reinforcements were wading through the shallow water, so my player decided that she would use her breath attack on the kobolds in the water.
When i was about to tell her she hit two Kobolds she told me she expects to be able to hit all of them, as they are all partly submerged in water and sureley her electric dragons breath would fry the lot of them.
This lead me to homebrewing the effect of this interaction on the spot.
So its not that DnD doesnt HAVE these thigns, its that it doesnt have rules for them because that leads to some very cumbersome gameplay. Also editions like 4E are centered around balanced gameplay rather than simulationism.

What Sven said when he talked about "Systems" is that he wants to put systems into place that simulate a Dungoen Master. An arbitrator of what you can and cannot do. Naturally this can extend beyodn the rules, anyone that ever DMed will tell you that you probably cant make it to session 2 in any campaign without having to houserule one thing or another.

As for RTWP: Im gonna make myself realy unpopular right now: but RTWP is a terrible system that only exists due to the limitations of their time. It was an attempt to emulate the DnD ruleset and thats it. It snot some sort of holy grail. It leads to terrible combat and repetetive encounter design in which only a couple of encounters will actually be thought about while most of them will be "right click toe goblins".
From Svens combat, i think we wont get either RTWP or Turn based but a completley different system alltogether. my money is on something like Divinity 2 or maybe Dragons Dogma.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by shmerl
@Raze: any word on this from Larian?

Originally Posted by Turin231
+1 for a Linux version. And also no matter if there is a port or not i would love to know from the side of Larian if the fact that they will have a Stadia version makes linux porting any easier than otherwise.

It naturally should make it easier. Unlike the situation with Divinity: Original Sin, where Linux port was problematic due to middleware and such, which caused D:OS2 not to come out for Linux at all, now that Laran are developing for Stadia, whatever engine they'll use (custom or common like Unreal / Unity), they'll have to make it work on Linux.

So to make it work on normal desktop Linux, they'll just have to make Vulkan backend go to screen, not to video, and replace Stadia's SDK input handling with normal SDL and such. A lot less work than what was needed for their previous games. All the heavy lifting would be already done. So unless they'll make some hard dependency on multiplayer over Stadia (I surely hope they don't, and they are already releasing it in other stores anyway so it seems to be a non issue), this should be easy to do.

Intuitively that is what i believe as well. But i would love to hear their experience directly. One thing that i am sure though is that using Vulkan for the game (i assume the windows version will also use vulkan) it would be straightforward to whitelist on Proton. Even DO:S 2 with all the issues you mentioned works perfectly fine (using the GOG copy and Lutris).
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 08:53 AM
What do you think should have been done with Bhaal's Essence in BG3.
Since it's a follow up from the game series i think it is only natural they follow that storyline.
So either Bhaal's essence is destroyed? Well most part since there are a few Bhaalspawn suvivors if im not mistaken? Viekang?
Or should it have been claimed by main char and is he now a god / demi god?
Perhaps both options should be available at the start of BG3 as a choice.

Seeing how BG1 to BG2 went. MC is most likely a good / neutral character. He would probably destroy the essence and keep on adventuring.
This is based on the fact of starting companions in Irenicus's dungeon.

I am curious what people think about this subject? It seems to be one of the most important things about BG3 storyline?
Or should it not be mentioned at all and simply be ignored. BG3 is a new diffrent game?
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Yesterday at 07:11 AM
Good morning! Sorry if a bit off.

We started the preparations to translate the game, our dictionary is coming along nicely. smile

As we extracted the texts, we can see that the lines are mixed randomly.
Maybe there is anyone here who could advise how to group/sort them effectively?

Thanks a lot!
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems
Yesterday at 05:52 AM

A fix would need to be added to a future game update.
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems
Yesterday at 05:52 AM

Please email supportdos2@larian.com with your latest save (or a Dropbox or Google drive link, etc), and if available the most recent save that works and the oldest where combat is blocked if your avatar is involved. If you are using any mods, also include a list of those enabled and/or the modsettings.lsx from your profile folder.
Each save is a folder in the '..\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\PlayerProfiles\<ProfileName>\Savegames\Story' folder.
In Windows Explorer you can zip a file or folder by right clicking on it/them and selecting 'Send To | Compressed (zipped) Folder' (and similarly in OSX/Finder).

PS4 saves can be sent, as well, but they would need to be transferred to a USB flash drive first.
In the Saved Data in System Storage section of the Settings menu, click Copy to USB Storage Device, select the relevant save(s) and Copy. From there you can zip the files, then copy to email or upload somewhere and provide a link.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 02:52 AM
I second this!!
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems
17/06/19 11:29 PM
Everything seems to be fine now, just saving more often and being more careful. Thank you for all of the help!
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About this website
17/06/19 06:41 PM
Thank you.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
17/06/19 09:52 AM
I'm a bit torn on this happening.
On one hand, I can't see Wizards being too happy about it for some reason.
On the other hand, I think at the success of Aurora.
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17/06/19 12:49 AM
Windows 10 1903
32GB 3200MHz

Event Viewer

First Error: .NET RUNTIME

Application: DivinityEngine2.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.AccessViolationException
at <Module>.ls.Visual.AddMaterial(ls.Visual*, ls.MaterialResource*)
at LSFrameworkPlugin.PreviewPanel..ctor()
at LSFrameworkPlugin.PreviewPanelBasic..ctor()
at EoCPlugin.EoCPluginClass.Start()
at LSToolFramework.PluginService.Start()
at LSToolFramework.ServiceManager.StartServices()
at Glasses.GlassesApp.InitServices()
at Glasses.GlassesApp.Init(Glasses.SplashScreen)
at <Module>.main(System.String[])

Second Error: Application Error

Faulting application name: DivinityEngine2.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5c6d9847
Faulting module name: GameEngine.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5c6d96ab
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0000000000085234
Faulting process id: 0x47f0
Faulting application start time: 0x01d524a556d72ada
Faulting application path: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\The Divinity Engine 2\DefEd\DivinityEngine2.exe
Faulting module path: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\The Divinity Engine 2\DefEd\GameEngine.dll
Report Id: 47f43fcc-8f74-496f-b1ea-5d49534cf83f
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

It fails to launch with no crash message, it gets to starting services before the launcher closes.

It was working before on 1809, This has been the only problem I've had after updating to 1903. I've gotten a similar .net error before on 1809, but with a different program and Uninstalling, restarting and re-installing had fixed it for that one but not for the Divinity Engine
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Chat (German)
16/06/19 04:38 PM
Hallo Alle,

wollte hier nur kurz meine Ankunft bekünden, bin neu hier und hab mich hauptsächlich wegen Baldur's Gate 3 angemeldet. Die Hälfte meiner Kindheit bestand aus Baldur's Gate und Icewind Dale, eine Anmeldung hier war also unvermeidlich. :)

Recht viel mehr gibts da nicht zu sagen glaube ich.
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Divinity Original Sin - Mods
16/06/19 04:18 PM
@Gravehowl As mentioned above, the extractor can only convert between GR2 and DAE (Collada). Blender (and many other tools) support Collada import/export natively, and can also export .OBJ for you.

@darthslider Story variables are not visible in text format in globals.lsx; they're encoded in binary blobs. There are currently no tools that allow editing these flags.
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16/06/19 01:32 PM
Hi there,

Sorry for the later reply. This worked perfectly, I didn't know you had to do that in the IF/AND blocks, getting the hang of it now.
I think I've seen some of your video's too, all very helpful stuff. Thanks so much.
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