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Threat of the Overlord's Fans

Posted By: Ovnidemon

Threat of the Overlord's Fans - 04/05/13 04:57 PM

I know, not really a RPG. But, I don't know why, I find a similarity between Overlord and some points in the universe of Divinity.(Mainly, with the first Overlord.)

I hope that a 3rd (better than the 2nd) will go out soon.
Posted By: Elliot_Kane

Re: Threat of the Overlord's Fans - 05/05/13 09:05 PM

Must admit, I love Overlord, despite some problems I had with the second game (Better graphics, sure, but not as good a game as the first. It seems more like two or even three games all mashed together, sometimes - and not in a good way, either. I think several conflicting gameplay visions got in the way). I love the humour and I love that it's so different to anything else out there.

I'd also say that it IS an RPG, albeit a very odd one. It gives you real choices that have actual consequences in how the game plays out, enabling you to be the kind of character you want to be, which makes it definitely an RPG.

I'd like a longer game with less linearity for the third one. Dumping mounts is also a good plan, as while I liked the idea I don't think the implementation was very good. Also, the critters really need to be either levellable creatures or disposable cannon fodder, but not both. That was a strange and utterly pointless combination. And definitely no more 'kill or dominate 100 peasants in each town' stuff! Very, very, boring!

STORIES are both great, though. Just the gameplay that needs work.
Posted By: Ovnidemon

Re: Threat of the Overlord's Fans - 06/05/13 01:04 AM

Yes, I find the mechanics of the secund (Boat, mounts, siege engine,...) are very good, but the main problem is the level design: too linear, lot of big empty place (example: when you finish the tuto, you follow a path but with nothing. No enemy, no Object), mechanics not enough used (The boat is the perfect example: first map: OK, good tutorial. Secund map: Good for to masterize it, you even gain a new boat. And then? No more boat. I was hugely deceived by that), one real boss (the spider. I don't consider the final boss as a boss, since you only put the red and wait.), fight is generally more a puzzle than a fight (Find how desorganize the soldiers), you nearly never need to return on the old map (In the first, one of the big good point, was to re-explore the old map with the new minion to discover the new things).

A point that I like in the second: You really choose between domination and destruction. No more Good and Evil as in the first.
A point that I like and was deceived at the same time: The tower. I find the tower great, lot of fun to explore it. But the lack of personalisation bothers me. In the first, you clearly see wich mistress you choosed, you couldn't confound. In the secund, you upgrade the tower, but there isn't a lot of difference between the different mistresses.
I think they took too much time and they had to hurry.(That also would explain why the last zone is so empty)

I hope they will keep all the mechanics of the second but work harder on the level design.

PS: The developpers said they loved make a new one, but work on a other game for now.
Posted By: Merendrious

Re: Threat of the Overlord's Fans - 06/05/13 11:59 AM

They are creating a new Age of Wonders at the moment. As fun as I found overlord, I LOVE Age of Wonders.
Posted By: Ovnidemon

Re: Threat of the Overlord's Fans - 06/05/13 03:25 PM

A Belg \o/.
Posted By: Elliot_Kane

Re: Threat of the Overlord's Fans - 06/05/13 05:56 PM


I don't mind if the next game has good/evil, domination/destruction or something totally new as long as it doesn't involve individually capturing hundreds of villagers again. That was tedium for the sake of stretching out the playing time and nothing else, IMO.

I really liked that in the first game if you died you lose the minions with you but nothing else changes. Sure, you CAN restart the mission again, but it's optional, not forced. In the second game, you HAVE to restart the mission, which annoys the flip out of me.

End battle in the second game was the most tedious and annoying end battle I've ever played - including a couple that I can't finish! Challenging is one thing, but boring is something else. Throw in that 'one slip and you have to redo the entire multi-part borefest all over again' and we're not exactly talking about a game highlight, here.

the only time I went back to old maps in 2 was to collect treasure to upgrade my equipment, which was also boring. 'Do the temple run six times to get the gold for the new weapon' is not exactly my favourite thing.

Sure, the life force gathering in the first one means a ton of arena combat, which can certainly get tedious, but you can wait for close to the end to do that.

The thing I think both games got wrong is that they are, in essence, one long tutorial on what your minions do, followed by an end battle. I'd like more side quests, more areas to explore and things to do that are not 'Rescue Hive' or 'Kill Main Villain'. The first is a bit better at this, but still needed a few more areas not directly related to the main quest to make it feel like a world, IMO.

As for the second, I think it has a couple of severe clashes between aspects of the gameplay that need ironing out. Levelling up your critters and buying upgrades for them makes literally zero difference to their actual abilities. Their equipment can make a huge difference, but they can wear any equipment at any level.

Either the minion levelling has to go, or it has to do something that is actually useful. I don't care which.

And that 'your minions have a maximum distance they run to, then they will just stop' HAS to go! On one occasion, my Greens piled up right behind an eradicator instead of overwhelming and killing him! An entire army lost to bad programming. I was not at all happy about that!

I also wasn't keen when the mounts refused to leave their areas for no reason. Sometimes it's justified - wolves hate fire, etc - but mostly it isn't. And why can't I teleport them with the minions?

With all my criticism of two, though, there is a great deal I like about it. I just felt that with a few changes it could have been an enormously better game than it was.

A bigger and more open world could make the third game the best of the three, IMO. 1/4 of the game being the tuturial instead of 3/4+ of the game would allow a better chance to build up life force and other resources naturally, instead of forced farming.

Definitely do want to see a third Overlord game smile
Posted By: Ovnidemon

Re: Threat of the Overlord's Fans - 07/05/13 12:51 PM

Yes, killing/enslaving all the peasants was hugely boring. (Especially enslaving: Did I enslave him or not?).

I agree too with the boring end battle. One other really boring time: The troll. He has a ton of HP, and the greens don't work on him. So, you just put the reds and wait. As for the final boss.

I have see too that evolving the hives only boost the starting armor of the minions. A bit useful if all your minions are dead but since you can revive them ->pointless. I upgrade them only for the appearance (that was cool).

Something that would be really cool: Overworld. A mix between global strategy (on a global map where you can control all your kingdom) and classic overlord (ie: You invade in the classic mode)
Posted By: Elliot_Kane

Re: Threat of the Overlord's Fans - 07/05/13 01:39 PM

Dungeon Keeper meets Overlord? Yeah, that would be awesome! I'd go for that in a heartbeat!
Posted By: Ovnidemon

Re: Threat of the Overlord's Fans - 07/05/13 08:41 PM

In fact, I didn't talk about Dungeon keeper, more like the global map on Dragon Commander. But a mix between Overlord and DK (Dungeon Keeper, not Donkey Kong.) would be great.
Posted By: Demonic

Re: Threat of the Overlord's Fans - 11/05/13 05:26 PM

They've given hints there will be another (or another similar game). Mainly by saying on their facebook page not along ago that "evil always finds away" and it sounds like they'll be using the Unreal Engine 4 for it based on the hints.

I too thought the first was better but only because of the customization aspects. You could enhance weapons and armour with different minions producing different effects. Overlord 2 removed that and replaced it with armour and weapons with different benefits, however they were rather minimal and the customization mainly focused on the minions instead who actually levelled up this time around and could be resurrected. I liked the world of the first Overlord more too.
Posted By: AlrikFassbauer

Re: Threat of the Overlord's Fans - 14/05/13 09:31 AM

Triumph Studios is already working on Age Of Wonders III , which I prefer. :hihi:
Posted By: Elliot_Kane

Re: Threat of the Overlord's Fans - 14/05/13 02:56 PM

Overlord conquering the Age Of Wonders? Best of both worlds, right? laugh
Posted By: AlrikFassbauer

Re: Threat of the Overlord's Fans - 31/05/13 09:28 AM

LOL laugh
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