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The poetry - rhyme - game

Posted By: Joram

The poetry - rhyme - game - 21/09/11 08:07 AM

Here we go :

Each post you make a poetry ABOUT the Theme or Subject that's given by the previous poster
After that you give a new theme/subject for the next one ;\)

The poetry must have at least 2 words that form a rhyme, for example :
* Subject : Balloon
*** Poetry :
Hope you all have Fun
Attack a Balloon
With a Spoon
So Hermit start to Run

My next subject/Theme for you is:
Subj : a Dragon
Posted By: Joram

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 22/09/11 07:50 AM

Nobody can be a little bit creative and funny ?!? \:-\)
... the most stupid phrases are okay, it may be absurdly, really, that's exactly what I want to read here
is healthy !

Come & sit down on your chair
Feel the poetry is in the air !

So "Dragon" ...

I thought everyone here wish to be a Dragon
So such a subject must be light
To make a Draconic poetry bright !
So Be a Dragon, come out of that train waggon !

Next "theme" is maybe(?) easier ?
Theme : animals
(so all that is about animals is good, go on with that 'Bellegar' in you ! )
Posted By: Joram

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 26/09/11 11:16 AM

Can't you find the Bellegar in your mind ?

Than it's really time to go and see that Bellegar !
Ask him for help, to become a poetry's-making-star...
And if he don't do that for you at Jackson's farm,
Hmmm ... it's time to use a stronger trick: Charm !

Be brave and write down a rhyme,
about animals,
or maybe,
find your own theme ?

Release the Bellegar in you,
Let the poetry flow flow flow !
Posted By: Joram

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 18/10/11 01:25 PM

Really nobody can be creative with words ?
Even I can do it, and to be honest, most of my poetry's are horrible in some way because english isn't my mother language !

But I try by error, that's the spirit man !

So here I go, I try it myself :

A pretty Bird ?
What do you like most ?
Birdwatching ?
Or having a nice toast ?

How do you wish to move ?
Flying as a bird ?
Or jump down the roof ?

Next theme ? Try this: keeping the house clean (housework)
Next subject ? Try this : a cooking pan (or something about food & drink)
Posted By: Divine Avenger

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 19/10/11 01:41 PM

sorry Joram but I can't rwrite stuff like that on demand, I do write proetry & stuff but only when the mood takes me.
Posted By: Joram

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 20/10/11 07:43 AM

It isn't a demand, it's just a simple(?) Poetry Game !
A GAME, you know ? wink

It may sound totally absurdly, nonsensical ! That's the Fun, because life is mostly & still too serious ... and ... laugh = healthy

That's why I love the be in a world of a Larian game :
The music sounds lovely & impressive,
Characters are funny speaking,
Jokes are all around the bend !
So playing a Larian game give me a more thoughtless life !

This Poetry Game is for the moments I can't play a Larian game :hihi:

Now, up with that cooking pan, if you can ! evil
Posted By: Joram

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 23/02/12 03:04 PM

From now on you make a poetry about whatever you mind is filled with at the moment .. if your mind is empty, write about empty-ness :hihi:

My mind is filled with Divinity II ...
You can imagine about what
I would write about here, do you ?
Well, about Rivellon of course,
That's the most infinite source
Of inspiration and fun !

Hello everybody ! wave
Posted By: Joram

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 06/06/12 12:10 PM

Booo ! Is there anybody ?

Yes ?
Hey you, come here with me .
O yeah, and why should I ?
You, you are the one I'm looking for !
And why is that ?
You are the Choas One, I feel it in my bones !
You've bones, really ?!?
Euhmm ... maybe yes, maybe no .
? ? ?
Come on, let's start looking at this ! wave
What do you say creature-with-out-bones ?
Sit down and relax,
Rejoy the sounds of Kirill Prokovsky,
Enjoy the movie of two great games are
Coming your way in the future !! claphands celebrate
Which ones ?
Look and see it yourself,
Creature-who-can-only-asking-questions !

Creature-who-don't-know-having-bones-or-not .
Who Am I ?
A Ghostly Ghosty Ghost ?
Posted By: Joram

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 22/06/12 06:51 AM

Really nobody who "try" to write down a rhyme/poetry ?

It's too difficult ? O noo, this can not be (too difficult)!

Or do you find this a very stupid game, not worth the effort to make poetry, or even think about one ? :hihi:

I've a troubled feeling
And start almost believing
That I am a very strange "Boo hoo"
Asking impossible tasks to you !

O no no no !
It's not the truth !
I'm a simple boy
Who only asks for fun
And go go go ! (for it)
Or flow flow flow ? (with it?)

Posted By: Lotrotk

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 22/06/12 07:28 AM

It's really a sad scene
that all users on this net
simple will not take a bet
leaving you with your riming scheme!

But as you now can see
if you keep givving it a try
then someday someone will stop by
joining your little harmony.

But this moment I got a lot of work to do
so don't expect another post today
I'll leave this thread now if I may
so goodbye to you, toodeloo!
Posted By: Lotrotk

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 30/06/12 10:49 PM

I was asked to investigate the death of the count
it wasn't that hard as it sounds
just find the murderer that could not be found
fight him 'till he lies on the ground

And to investigate the farmer's food
cause it did not taste like it should
I did so once in doctor's neighborhood
gods! can't an RPG without a plague then be good?

When rivellon's bards of my (rathere heroic) deeds singing
to stormfist's castle the guards let me in
first task after taking duke's son under my wing
take care of dishes cleaning!

So now that we have a whole poem about pots and pans
the new theme should be the deadly killer rabbit's fangs!
Posted By: Lotrotk

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 30/06/12 10:52 PM

I guess it could have been a litter bit better
and if you're clever engough you'll notice only one sentence about pots and pans
(but that doesn't count though, you got what you wanted)
Posted By: Joram

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 18/10/12 10:17 AM

Thanks Lotrotk claphands

About the Killer Bunny ?

No problem ! grin

Killing rabbits in Broken Valley is not safe
You gonna be loosing your head
When a big bunny bite you to dead !
On your gravetomb we can read :
"Killed by suprize, a hero not wise."
Posted By: Joram

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 22/10/12 10:44 AM

O, I forget to give you a new task ?

Hmm ... okay, forget about all the "rules" here and just write down some funny/nice/absurd
lines of poetry, not more, not less and nothing is stupid !

The reality, the real world outside, is often too hard, too difficult or too seriously, so I love it to create another world full of fantasy, fun, pleasure, etc ... to make our lives lighter, more shiny happy tunes ...

Toodeloo !
Posted By: Lotrotk

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 22/10/12 01:19 PM

There once was a guy named Joram
who posted from rivellon and belgium
the most exciting tales of ronja the priest
or, actually, he tried it at least
you think that character is really a scam?

Just jokin', now dont go mad
without jokes the world is just sad
watch his ones, they're not very rare
or am I mistaken, is that a girl over there
I don't think she mentioned the gender she had?

And now I'm just typing these awfully rhymes
damn, I can't think of another word but slimes
that didn't really fit in
so I'm just gonna quittin'
I'm sure I'll get better at times!

(hey that did rhyme!)
Posted By: Joram

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 22/10/12 02:01 PM

Joram is a man*
Who often love to let it be
A hero with a cup of tea
Hot as a woman !
(in my imagination :hihi: )

* in reality (and in DD )
Posted By: Joram

Re: The poetry - rhyme - game - 26/10/15 06:56 AM

Each time I hear music of Kirill Prokovsky,
I've the wish to listen a whole day
To the sounds he created ...
I'm Kirill so thankful ... .

It's so special because I even never met Kirill,
But listen to his unspeakable beautiful sounds
Many times my eyes become wet ....
I'm Kirill so thankful !

His music simply takes my feelings,
Makes my emotions come loose
I'm Kirill so thankful !

I'll never forget how he put
His heart and soul into
Created sounds of wonder !
I'm Kirill so thankful !

When I'm going to die,
My last wish I long for
Is hearing the sounds
Of Kirill Prokovsky !
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