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Posted By: UglyOgreBone

Hi - 02/11/14 05:15 PM

I'm about 10 years late to the party. Sup peeps. First played Divinity II about a year ago on PC. Been recently losing precious hours of life to Divine Divinity. Pretty excited about this series in general now, so I decided to join the forum.

I'm on Steam if anyone wants to add me:

BTW, how the heck do I get an avatar uploaded?
Posted By: Raze

Re: Hi - 02/11/14 11:01 PM

You can not upload avatars to the forum. You'll need to use a webhost that allows hotlinking (linking directly to images/files); your ISP may offer some webspace, or there are free webhosts you can use (many don't allow hotlinking, though).
Posted By: UglyOgreBone

Re: Hi - 03/11/14 04:48 AM

Where do I post said URL? I've looked up and down in the profile options and I'm not seeing it. I think I'm going crazy, haha! (Too much Divine Divinity overloading my senses)
Posted By: Raze

Re: Hi - 03/11/14 05:28 AM

In the top menu, under the D:OS image, click on My Stuff and then Edit Profile; the bottom section of that page lets you remove, select or add a URL to an avatar.
Posted By: Elliot_Kane

Re: Hi - 12/11/14 11:28 PM

Welcome to the forum, UOB smile
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