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Rad Rodgers Kickstarter Campaign

Posted By: FadeToBlack

Rad Rodgers Kickstarter Campaign - 13/09/16 11:37 PM

Hello people,

just saw a stream of a kickstarter campaign about a 90's apogee platformer called Rad Rogders. I think those people deserve some love as larian studios does and maybe some of you or larian (shout out?) will support the campaign. I am just a backer and have no other interests than helping those lovely devs from Denmark making an awesome game.
Here is the link:
Kickstarter campaign

I hope that ad isn't against forum rules.
Posted By: AlrikFassbauer

Re: Rad Rodgers Kickstarter Campaign - 25/09/16 11:49 AM

These shortened links have the disadvantage that one isn't able to see where they *actually* lead to ...

Well, it looks a bit like Commander Keen to me ( I went directly to Kickstarter without following this link ) ... And I belong to that generation of gamers who loved jump 'n' Run games ...
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