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A Question To Pose

Posted By: Crucifer

A Question To Pose - 04/03/08 09:45 PM

To the maker's of the Editor's or a fan of jackass(ery)?.

I found a glitch in the game that I like.
You can use poisoness cloud to kill npcs & command them to follow you to say, Aleroth. & you can leave them there & travel elsewhere and come back & there alive.

Now I'm a fan of moving furniture & enjoy creating my own little town.

Is there anyone that can make an editor that can modify the game?
So that we can create our own towns or encampments?

Anyone else ever do this or anything?
Posted By: Raze

Re: A Question To Pose - 04/03/08 11:00 PM

That is a handy trick. In the original release a couple people had orcs kill Gareth in the barracks (for example), who is required for a minor quest. If his body is still around to resurrect, this would be easier than the alternative method (Reviving dead NPCs).
The latest game version added more NPCs to those protected from dying.

There were no official moding tools released for DD, and AFAIK nobody else has attempted to create any. The Larians used a mixture of tools to create the game, some of which were proprietary and couldn't be redistributed, with no unified interface and not a lot of user friendly features.

Some years ago they said it was possible moding tools might be released for DD2, but I don't know if developments since then have increased or decreased the chances of that.

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