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Well, at last. Just a few things...

Posted By: Yrth

Well, at last. Just a few things... - 10/04/10 06:12 AM

It has been a very long time since I purchased a game that was so engaging and by the merciful heavens Glitch Free (pretty much)! It's so nice to see that I'm not the only one out there who still takes pride in their work.

With the praise out of the way, just a few minor details.

1) After extended play (like many hours) when you try to quit, it will sit there - for a very long time - unresponsive. Now its entirely possible that its just cleaning up after itself thoroughly, which I would consider to be a good thing, but I've let it go for five minutes. It seems excessive for anything it might be doing. Of course, this is when I'm about to stop playing, so this is the kind of bug I can easily live with. I just bounce to task manager and kill the process. Easy enough. I'm just mentioning it here for completeness sake.

2) The initial flash screens, once they've been seen once, should have an option by which one can, for example, press ESC and skip past them. The fourth or fifth time, there is nothing left there to read, and by the tenth time, it has become merely tedious. For the copyright screen, there may actually be laws requiring it to appear for a certain period, and there may be nothing to do about that one, but the logo screens I could live without.

3) On a similar vein, in some places there is a cut-scene just before combat. This is not like a dialog screen - its just someone like Damian prancing about talking his slack jaw off before he sends his lackeys to kill you yet again. These tend to be fairly tough fights, of course.

The problem being that there is no space between the cutscene and the commencement of combat, so you can't quicksave there. Since they're hard fights, one tends to die a lot while working out a successful strategy. Once you die, you must sit through the whole cutscene again. The first time I see it, I want to sit through it - maybe there is information that I can use. After six deaths, it is no longer of any use, and now its just a frustrating waste of time. It would be nice to be able to hit ESC and skip past that, too, and get right to the battle at hand.

4) In some places something odd happens, and I'm not quite sure if it is a glitch or not. Sometimes, I get kind of 'stuck'. I want to charge ahead to the remaining attackers, but I cannot advance. I can retreat, run sideways, jump up and down - everything seem to work fine. I just can't advance toward them past a certain point. If possible, I can stand back and kill them with ranged or magic attacks - I just can't close to melee range. This has a strong tendency to happen when fighting up-hill, so I wonder if maybe at that point, for some reason, it decides that just then the hill is too steep to run up, but I can't jump up it, either. Very strange. Its like hitting one of the invisible walls at the edge of the playable arena in a zone.

5) I suspect this is the PhysX engine doing this, as I've seen it happen in other games, so there may be nothing to do about it, but sometimes, if you just bump an object, like a barrel, so that it rocks in place but doesn't actually fall down, if you come back to it an hour later, it will still be rocking back and forth, making that noise. Its not really an impediment to play, as it happens with inconsequential things. Its just odd. Its like, for that particular object, the laws of physics are suddenly suspended and it becomes a perpetual motion machine. No gravity, as it were.

That, oddly is all that I have to report. This is a beautifully done game, and the designers and builders are to be heartily congratulated on their excellent work!
Posted By: Raze

Re: Well, at last. Just a few things... - 13/04/10 06:22 AM

Non-skippable cutscenes can be rather annoying.

I never had a problem getting to opponents (playing the Xbox version), and havn't seen that reported for random combat (several people hit a similar wall approaching the gate in Farglow, but lowering the graphics settings, or something like that, temporarily would let them get through).

I never ran into any objects that continued to rock when bumped, but a couple times entering caves/cellars baskets or vases would fall or slide out of place. I once walked by a crate in High Hall near the start, and it slid downhill like it was on ice.

Welcome to the forum.

BTW, you posted this in the Divine Divinity forum, rather than the D2:ED general forum (there are a couple suggestion topics there).
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