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BD Demo

Posted By: TigerOmega

BD Demo - 18/05/08 04:36 PM

Does BD demo work under Vista?
Posted By: Raze

Re: BD Demo - 18/05/08 10:12 PM

It should work fine under Vista, AFAIK. Are you having a problem, or are you just checking before downloading it?

With the full game, either English version (UK/North America or Australian) will work under Vista. The UK/North American re-release versions may already be updated to the latest version, otherwise you will need to install the 1.47 patch. There has not been an official patch for the Australian version to remove the copy protection (and thus make it Vista compatible), but a registry edit will allow the UK/North American patch to be installed.
The re-release versions of other localizations may or may not have copy protection included.
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