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Food and Rest

Posted By: caninelegion

Food and Rest - 20/07/17 04:59 AM

What constitutes food for resting? I see meals disappearing but does anything else count (apparently, not bread)? Can other items be turned into meals (like OS)?
Posted By: Raze

Re: Food and Rest - 20/07/17 06:12 AM

There is no way to cook, prepare or combine food.
Bread should work to use a bedroll (if there are no hostile creatures around, and you have not slept recently), though the game may always check for certain foods first.

I really never paid attention to food; I had enough at the start of the game to use the bedroll, and later I started using the Healing spell more. Eventually Regeneration (based on the Survival stat) was enough to recover between fights most of the time.
Posted By: caninelegion

Re: Food and Rest - 20/07/17 09:46 AM

I was able to consume bread for a small healing but not rest with it. I have done exactly zero with mage skills other then pay to learn them. So far, arrows, slashing weapons, and potions have been sufficient despite my DK's huge thirst for healing potions. But yes, I rely on rest (and pyramids) very much less then I did with DD and OS.

I guess I can do this since I started the thread (go off subject): I've run into a problem. After telling the imp hero that his wife needed him, I lost control of the game, ie, the three comments were made (last being hee,hee!) but, after that, just the group of imps milling about with no pictures top right and no ability to move, open inventory, etc. Basically, the movie kept running and never returned control to me. I waited a long time to no avail, quit, tried again some three times with the same result. Is this a known bug?
Posted By: Raze

Re: Food and Rest - 20/07/17 10:04 AM

Before I posted above I double checked that bread worked by loading a save in act 2 and dropping all food except bread, then using the bedroll to rest (dropping the count for the stack of bread by 1), twice.

There is a book with the individual healing spell shortly after you jump down the pit in the arena. I had both characters learn level 1 then, and eventually got both to level 2.

Yes, a few people ran into a problem with that cutscene. Leave the DK on the other side of town, and approach just with your hero, and the cutscene should proceed normally.
Killing a couple minutes before being able to rest again (wasn't sure what the original count was for bread), I actually ran into the imp 'hero' in my save and got this cutscene.
Posted By: caninelegion

Re: Food and Rest - 20/07/17 07:00 PM

Will do; thanks.
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