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Battlefield missing boss?

Posted By: Cece

Battlefield missing boss? - 29/06/04 07:40 PM

Hey guys,

First post here. I came to battlefield part 2 in act1. I did the dungeon and walk down 3 lvls? The third level being just a large room with tons of broken armor and stuff like that on the ground. The music sounds like it there should be a boss, a matter a fact it all scream boss area. But there is nothing down there. Not a single crate or monster. Is this a bug or just poor design?

I think I read that these dungeons are random and maybe you dont have a clue about what I am talking about. Thought I would give it a try anyway.

Later, may all you hits be deathblows!
Posted By: ariana

Re: Battlefield missing boss? - 29/06/04 10:44 PM

They are random - so is whether a boss is there - or a quest item.

Every boss and item may be in one dungeon and the others may all have nothing - the only certain thing is that they will always be in that small level 3 that is, as you feel, designed for bosses and quest items.
Posted By: Jurak

Re: Battlefield missing boss? - 30/06/04 02:50 AM

tis true.... i finally found the "statue" Annabelle wanted for her customer, at the very bottom of BF3... go figger! oy vey.
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