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Beyond Divinity WALKTHROUGHS

Posted By: Lynn

Beyond Divinity WALKTHROUGHS - 11/08/04 07:39 AM

Beyond Divinity Wiki Page
Click me

Complete walkthrough at GameBanshee
Click me

Thank you very much for this great work!

Posted By: lego

Re: Beyond Divinity WALKTHROUGHS - 11/08/04 07:45 PM

awesome job lynn.
thanks for posting this material. this will go a long way to helping some of the 'newbies' with their questions (and 'not-so-n00b' too! ), as well as giving us quick reference for answering those questions in posts.
after all, not all of us can be raze or kiya who seem to be founts of information, cataloged and indexed on super-computer brains.

and thanks to the three who are referenced for all your hard work and great information.
Posted By: Lynn

Re: Beyond Divinity WALKTHROUGHS - 13/08/04 12:11 PM

Click here for a Russian walkthrough!

This is a translation of Grimm's walkthrough, made by BUKA, the Russian publisher of

Buka writes the following:

"His name is mentioned in one of the first lines, with all our respect and gratitude."
Posted By: Grim

Re: Beyond Divinity WALKTHROUGHS - 17/08/04 06:54 PM

Nice touch Lynn, making all this help info so easy to find. It is also nice to see that new fans keep coming to the forum.

A big hello to the Russian fans of BD. I hope not too much was lost in the translation of my sometimes scatter-brained writing....

Looking forward to that coming day when we can all install D2 for the first time.

Posted By: Jurak

Re: Beyond Divinity WALKTHROUGHS - 17/08/04 07:02 PM

Aye to that laddie!

Great job Lynn, thanks for "grouping it all together", if I ever get finished "renovating" I may be able to play my game again.....

Does it ever end???...... ......the renovations, i mean.....
Posted By: Jasper_Lafay

Re: Beyond Divinity WALKTHROUGHS - 03/09/04 01:01 PM

thanx for the walh through I dont get very meny days off from work so sometines i need a little help
Posted By: AlrikFassbauer

Re: Beyond Divinity WALKTHROUGHS - 23/09/04 09:30 PM

Demo Walkthrough

Beyond Divinity Maps

Posted By: lotjie

Re: Beyond Divinity WALKTHROUGHS - 23/09/06 08:50 AM

Thank you so much for Desdemona' website. It REALLY helped me out today when I was tearing my hair out over a Quest Log problem.

Posted By: Lynn

Re: Beyond Divinity WALKTHROUGHS - 05/09/11 07:28 AM

Beyond Divinity Wiki Page ! \:-\)
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