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Warrior Character Build + question

Posted By: Darthvegeta800

Warrior Character Build + question - 01/03/09 11:31 AM

I'm going to restart playing Beyond Divinity. 2x i was stuck near the end in the Academy and the third time there was an odd bug when a cinematic relating to the imp village began. (froze all)
Unlike a lot of people, i liked BD a little bit more than DD.
Mostly due to the magnificent Death Knight. And unlike a lot of people... i loved his voice.

Anyway i was wondering about playing with two warriors.
Possibly the DK with a twohander and my main char with a more typical sword/shield equipment.

Does anyone know a good build for 2 warriors? And are there any things i should take into account when it comes to developping the 2 chars?

And finally when finishing the game, is the Death Knight still with you when you keep playing the extra regions?
Posted By: harganaxki

Re: Warrior Character Build + question - 01/03/09 09:07 PM

i am not yet at the end - but think about making the death knight not too strong - mine has an intelligence skill of nearly 30 or so

no probs so far to kill the enemies with 2 warriors......
Posted By: Raze

Re: Warrior Character Build + question - 01/03/09 10:31 PM

There is no point in deliberately handicapping the DK. Giving a DK warrior a high intelligence will not make any difference.

With BD's stat system, there is a great deal of flexibility in creating viable character builds. Some people have played using two melee warriors the entire game. The math appendix in the Beyond Divinity Strategy Guide describes (among other things) the stat effects, and gives some general advice on stat point distribution.

For the majority of the first act there are lots of skeletons around, which are more vulnerable to crushing damage. Until I reached the citadel (late in the first act) I had my hero use crushing weapons (a club or 2 handed walking stick) most of the time and a bow for tougher fights, then I switched to archery full time. My DK continued to use slashing damage (1 or 2 handed swords).

The DK worked fine as a melee character, but I would do it differently playing again. Since his armour class goes up with his character level, he will not need as much strength for armour requirements, and can concentrate more on intelligence (for a mage) or agility (for a bow archer). Having the DK use a strength based weapon negates this. Since the human will need to meet strength requirements for better armour anyway, this character is slightly better suited to be a melee warrior. This is a relatively minor difference, though, so a human mage / DK warrior combination is just as feasible, and that difference doesn't really matter much for two warriors.

I would say just be a little conservative with your skill points, and you will have a fair bit of flexibility in developing your characters. You can also unlearn skills, at a cost in gold proportional to the square of your character level.

Most weapon skills you can get a good effect with just a skill point or two. For my archer I maxed Reload Time (which gives a direct Speed boost), but for the rest I just put a point in damage and a couple in accuracy.

The goal of your characters is to undo the soul forging, so I don't think is is much of a spoiler to say that you will succeed at that. Consequently, the DK will not be with you in the after-game battle fields.

If you plan to keep playing after the main game, you should favour your main character with permanent potions and other bonuses, rather than the DK. Other than that, it doesn't matter much who you choose to give bonuses or equipment, etc to.

There is a point where you are about to return to Rivellon. You can strip your DK of his inventory, then (if you have enough gold) have him unlearn all of his skills and learn some summoning doll upgrade skills. The act 1 doll can equip a crossbow, so even if it can not really be upgraded to be as strong as a main character, it could still provide support in the BFs.
Posted By: Darthvegeta800

Re: Warrior Character Build + question - 01/03/09 10:39 PM

As for the DK going warrior, i'm a rper when it comes to that.
I just don't like the idea of a Death Knight being a mage or archer.
To me DK's are Darth Vaders in the fantasy settings. Running around armored and hacking about with a big nifty sword. ;\)

Are any skills especially worthwhile for a warrior?
Posted By: Darthvegeta800

Re: Warrior Character Build + question - 02/03/09 02:05 PM

Currently i'm LV6.
My stats are str 14, ag 9 and Constitution 12.
I'm basically focussing on str, than con, than ag. With roughly a 2 - 2 - 1 distribution that ocassionally slightly varies. (good idea? or bad?)
One warrior has learned to identify, while the other repairs.
All my other skillpoints are for now still unused.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Warrior Character Build + question - 02/03/09 09:09 PM

Once you get your hit points up a bit you will probably need to put more into agility than constitution. I found it better not to neglect speed and survival, though others have made successful builds with either high strength or agility (don't recall the details, though).
I described my early stat distribution in the topic Killing Fergus.

Early in the game skills are relatively cheap to unlearn, so you may want to invest a couple skill points into your weapon expertise of choice, even if you are planning on switching weapon types eventually. If you are not having combat problems, though, the extra skill damage or accuracy (etc) are not essential.
Posted By: Darthvegeta800

Re: Warrior Character Build + question - 04/03/09 03:14 PM

Hmmm still a bit unsure. But i'll prioritize Str, than agility than con.
Isn't it bad to also put in survival and speed? One might end up good at nothing?
Also are speed and survival really that good? The other 3 seem far better for melee warriors.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Warrior Character Build + question - 04/03/09 07:30 PM

I found speed and survival good enough to not neglect. They are not as important as strength, agility and constitution, but also not useless for a warrior (like intelligence is).

Survival's primary effect is on initiative, which determines who goes first during battle and influences each ‘round’ of the fight. Speed is the major influence on evasion, and the minor contributor to initiative. Evading hits is of course preferred, though better armor and more healing potions can help compensate for being hit more often. Your attack rate and recovery time are both influenced by speed.

If you are not frequently getting hit first and/or consistently, or taking repeated blows before being able to counter-attack, then you can probably keep ignoring speed and survival.

BD's stat system allows much more flexibility in character development than DD, and this results in many more viable builds (in DD almost every warrior ended up with a distribution of 2 parts strength, 2 agility and 1 constitution). If what you are doing keeps working for you, then keep doing it.
Posted By: Darthvegeta800

Re: Warrior Character Build + question - 05/03/09 09:13 AM

*nods* Okay. :p And yeah, i used to play DD too. I might be still locked in that mindset.
In fact for now i think i'll stick with 2/2/1 too.
Posted By: twillight

Re: Warrior Character Build + question - 13/03/18 07:38 PM

I only had points for agility (100), strength (45-50), and constitution (30+).*
On hardcore I saw and see no other way to pass a character. Some monsters have insane stats, and equipment has their own requirements. Wished to use wands - couldn't afford intelligence. Wished speed, but when I had to decide to be able to hit things, hit them with something they'll feel, or simply stay alive, I chose against speed and all the other stats, sticking with what I desperately needed.
*The DK needs 15-25 strength only.

Initial choice is warrior/warrior for repair skill.

Skills to choose:
- bow for the DK (speed -> critical hit -> accuracy), and lockpick if you don't go shopping (I didn't)
- 1 heal individual for both characters
- slashing weapon + shield (accuracy -> damage -> critical hit -> deadly strike), identify, sharpening weapons, repair for the "hero" for the majority of the game. But keep an eye for daggers too (piercing weapons). An advantage of hardcore is the "chance" for extra skillpoints per level, so you can afford 2 sets of weapon w/o de-specialising. Oh, and create game on Very Easy for extra points!
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