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Posted By: warrior

Luck - 19/05/04 06:38 PM

Hows luck work exactly, game says u find more magic items with higher luck, but is this a total sum of all the characters in your parties luck? Or just the current leader(and the guy who opens chests ect) or does it matter who does the kill blow to a creature adn there luck determines the chance the mob will drop magic items on death? From my experiance i seem to get more magic items form chests when my deathknight is leader (luck 17) then when my hero is leader (luck 89) which doesnt seem right.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Luck - 19/05/04 09:25 PM

The game uses the average luck value of the two characters, so it shouldn't matter who is leading.
Posted By: wordsmyth

Re: Luck - 19/05/04 11:57 PM

Ofcourse, it's always a bit hard to judge wether or not something's working when it's pretty much random
Posted By: velthuijsen

Re: Luck - 20/05/04 06:55 AM

It works, there is definately a difference between an average luck of 20 and an average luck of 150
That's the way to figure out if luck works so so no one else figures out.
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