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One wierd glitch :)

Posted By: BarrenSoul

One wierd glitch :) - 26/05/04 02:03 AM

So I finish the game and thats all good, then I start BF from the menu thats all good, then I enter one of the rifts trade a little, thats all good, but when I leave that rift and enter another one sometimes when I click on the merchants the game objects (merchants rifts items anything clickable) acts like I'm in a dialog box (which I should be -_- ) but I don't get a box! so my character is stuck there , can't move, can't do anything! -_- it's just like dialog mode except there's no window!!
Posted By: StormRider

Re: One wierd glitch :) - 26/05/04 09:47 AM

Fixed in next patch
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