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Supper peeved

Posted By: BarrenSoul

Supper peeved - 27/05/04 10:37 PM

I had aquired the teleport pyramids and love em but then for no reason they disapeared from my inventory around the beginning of act 4! and I ain't about to go back and remedy this (2 days of play? not thanks) there should be some sort of if statement to check to see wether all the pyramids are in your inventory when you leave the battle fields or not since I think thats where I lost them, if it isn't then it would still be nice to somehow aquire them in the after game battle fields if you havn't!! they are super helpfull!

that's number one number 2 is the LACK of gold that the merchants have! I have items (magical armour and weapons) that I can't even sell! >_< and running back and forth between randomly generated battle fields takes about 5 minutes on my computer -_-.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Supper peeved - 28/05/04 01:04 AM

You are suppose to loose the teleporter pyramids at the start of act 4 as part of the plot. They should have had the imp historian show up to retrieve them, or something, to make this known.
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