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Lose display when changing areas

Posted By: rigl

Lose display when changing areas - 24/01/05 07:53 PM

I've searched for a thread on this without success.
I am running XP and have the latest DD patch installed. The game ran fine for a long time (until I was about 16th level), then last weekend I started having a proublem. When I leave an exit or use a teleport my character disappears but the new area doesn't load. Sometimes the display stays on the the old area minus my character, sometimes it is just a black screen and the game controls.
I've tried playing with the game settings and config controls but the only thing that seems to fix this (temporarily)is re-booting my system. Does anybody have a fix for this? I really like this game but not enough to have to re-boot several time a session.
Posted By: Lady_Rain

Re: Lose display when changing areas - 24/01/05 08:10 PM

Make sure that your caps lock isnt on... this can cause problems with the camera mnot following your character when you change area.

Turning caps lock off and then clicking somewhere to walk there, should fix the problem...

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