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Steam Version 1.506

Posted By: The_Inventor

Steam Version 1.506 - 26/08/14 07:13 AM

I am playing Beyond Divinity, the version 1.506 from Steam, and have found some errors.

The first error I found was in Act 2, in the Imp Village, doing the Hero / Husband Quest. When all was done, and got to the location on the map, and told him to go home, he leaves (short animation and quips from his fans) then the game hangs by not bringing back the cursor and plates. My characters just stand where they were, and no longer can be moved. The game engine is still running, other characters still move. Not able to complete Hero / Husband Imp Village Quest. sad

The second error I found was in Act 2, Battlefield 2 (2nd Entrance from left at the Bottom of Top level Entry Map where all Battle Fields Entrances are found) where the 1st level maze is faulty. One can enter the 1st dungeon level, but there is no path to the entry to the next level down. Not able to complete BF2 Quest. sad

The third error I found was in Act 2, Battlefield 3, (3rd Entrance from left at the Bottom of Top level Entry Map where all Battle Fields Entrances are found) where all levels are accessed. On the third, or bottom level, there was nothing to find, or kill, and no item(s) to complete the Quest. Not able to complete BF2 Quest after clearing all 3 levels of dungeon. sad

I am almost through Act 2. Had 4 BF Keys, Died, lost Key, Kept other stuff from queen spider, after finding BF key 4, and did a save.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Steam Version 1.506 - 26/08/14 12:03 PM

For the imp 'hero', leave the DK on the other side of the village, and approach the imp with just your other character. That should avoid the problem.

The BF dungeons are randomly generated, and can occasionally contain disconnected sections or entrances that you can not get to. It is possible to get a summoning doll to appear through a wall, and then use the teleporter pyramids to get through (armory trick in act 1). Alternately, you use the procedure in the topic Teleporting anywhere (via hex editor). It may not be worth the hassle, though, just for BF quests (I skipped the BF dungeons entirely, and only visited for the merchants).

The solutions to the quests are randomly distributed on the third levels of the dungeons, so it is possible that any particular dungeon may not none, one or multiple quest solutions.
Posted By: The_Inventor

Re: Steam Version 1.506 - 14/10/14 07:17 AM

OK. So I had made it to the third floor of the academy and had made a lot of progress, at different times saving the game under a name, then quick loading to start the next foray into the level, as I want to see what the different consequences were. I thought I had finished saving a quick save, then it glitches. suspicion

Now I am trying to get a saved game to load, and when it goes to start the display of the game field it dies. It goes to it config screen and I configure it, and retry, yet it fails again, in Act IV, I haven't tried an earlier one yet. rpg003

Well, interestingly, an earlier save works fine. So what is up with the last Act?
Posted By: Raze

Re: Steam Version 1.506 - 16/10/14 01:05 AM

There are separate cache folders used for the different acts, so if act 4 saves will not load but act 3 is fine, there may be a corrupt file in the act 4 folder interfering with the load process.

Try deleting the files within the dynamic folders (not the folders themselves, though); they will be re-created as required the next time you start the game.
'..\Beyond Divinity\Acts\Act1\Dynamic', '..\Beyond Divinity\Acts\Act2\Dynamic', etc.
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