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Ridiculously slow demo

Posted By: Chacranajxy

Ridiculously slow demo - 08/03/04 10:50 PM

I'm having a problem with the Beyond Divinity demo in that it runs very very slowly on my machine (even 640X480 mode with or without FSAA is slow.) The game is extremely choppy and basically unplayable.

I'm running:
Athlon 64 3200+
Radeon 9800 XT
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
Windows XP
Posted By: Yann

Re: Ridiculously slow demo - 09/03/04 08:42 AM


Try to install the lastest catalyst driver :
Posted By: Chacranajxy

Re: Ridiculously slow demo - 12/03/04 01:19 AM

I tried installing the latest drivers (Updated as of March 10) and they didn't help at all. The demo still runs extremely slow. It's a shame... I got a chance to play it at a friends house and it was amazing...
Posted By: Philippe_Jacob

Re: Ridiculously slow demo - 12/03/04 08:01 AM

Could you verify how the IRQs are shared?

I guess your graphic card is an AGP model.
If yes, do you have a sound card in the PCI slot that is closest to the AGP slot? If yes, you may try to move the PCI sound card to another slot. Sometimes, this slot shares IRQ with the AGP, and it is not working always fine.

In theory, IRQ should be shared, but some cards have trouble doing it correctly.

Something is wrong with your system, because with such a config as you have, the game should run as a breeze.

Good luck,
Posted By: Nemisis_Dragon

Re: Ridiculously slow demo - 12/03/04 10:13 AM

Which chipset does your mainboard use? Try to update those drivers aswell. There are many known problems with VIA chipsets.
Posted By: ghost1234

Re: Ridiculously slow demo - 27/03/04 05:17 PM

Try going to the device manager and updating each of the devices that are listed.
Also check your hardware acceleration.


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