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Steam/GOG Version 16-bit color depth

Posted By: fred_birkhoff

Steam/GOG Version 16-bit color depth - 01/12/18 04:41 AM

I have bought the game twice now, once from Steam and once from GOG. The problem is the same one: when you start the game, after the initial company logo, the nvidia logo and the cinematic intro, when the loading screen appears, I get this message on the loading screen, saying that the game has detected that my color depth is not set to 16-bit and that while it may be able to play it that way, it is known to make the game unstable. Initially I played it like that but I remember it crashing and not allowing me to get back to where I was, not having saved before the crash occurred. There are some threads on steam saying that I should set the div.exe file to run in compatibility mode with windows 95/98 or XP and I tried that and all the other compatibility settings windows 10 has and I still get that message. I was wondering if there's a fix for that issue, one way or the other. I didn't do an in depth search of the forums but if there is a solution to that, I think you should make it sticky or something. Thanks.

edit: it wasn't a big deal that I bought the game twice since it was 0.99 euro each time but I'm just saying...
Posted By: Levianne

Re: Steam/GOG Version 16-bit color depth - 10/11/19 03:24 PM

I have the same problem. DD works fine, but BD doesn't (does it run on the same engine? do the modifications so much differ?). First off, you get a note, that your desktop isn't running in 16 bit color mode and that the game can be run that way, but may glitch, or become unstable (which eventually happens). DD doesn't give you that at all. Then comes loading (and saving as well) with it's screen somehow distorted/inverted colors or something, I've encountered this kind of behavior with Fallout 2, mostly in the main menu and the loading screens as well. The game itself worked and was pretty much stable, so a graphical glitch in a menu wasn't that big of a deal. But here it is an issue, when the game crashes in various places, or instances. I tried some compatibility modes, running as administrator and whatnot, even disabling those fullscreen effects or something, but no luck so far. The 4GB patch works wonders with D2: Developer's Cut (and just to make sure, it does work well with DD as well, eventhough not really needed there, but some GB of memory added never hurts), but seems not doing anything with my BD installation. I'm altering playing DD and D2: DevCut, but would love to play BD as well. Since this topic is still unanswered to this day, I'm trying my luck to resurrect it, maybe someone could find some solution.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Steam/GOG Version 16-bit color depth - 11/11/19 01:23 PM

BD is using an updated version of the DD engine (using 3D character/equipment models, rather than 2D sprites for animations; it also dropped the software renderer, just using Direct3D).

In the Compatibility tab can you set the game to run in 16 bit colour depth? (should be an option in Win 10, but Win 7 only has an option to drop to 256 colours)

In the Windows Display Settings, if you switch to 16 bit / High Colour, rather than 32 but / True Colour, does that avoid the problems with BD?

If all else fails, you could try installing Win XP in a virtual machine.
Posted By: Levianne

Re: Steam/GOG Version 16-bit color depth - 12/11/19 07:33 AM

I did the 16 bit color stuff in the compatibility tab, but no change at all, even running as administrator has almost no effect (the only effect is to confirm things at the launch of the game). The game itself still launches with that note about not running in 16 bit color mode and stuff.
Kinda weird, but I can't change my desktop color depth, my monitor has that drop down menu, but the only option there is 32 bit true color, nothing else. There's nothing to choose from. Choosing between 32 true color and 32 true color isn't choosing at all. I have Win10 Home Edition, installed by professionals, not myself, so can't blame me for screwing this. XD Might be the source of the problem, that the monitor (eventually the graphics drivers) is unable to change the color mode even when forced by the game itself? So the game instead is forced to run in 32 bit weird color mode? In Win7 the game was working well, it's after the system upgrade, that some games refuse to work properly.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Steam/GOG Version 16-bit color depth - 12/11/19 02:10 PM

Sorry, Windows 8 and 10 dropped support for switching to 16 bit colour, with the only way to do so through the compatibility options for specific applications.
I'm going to claim I remembered that dropdown option from when I set up my Win 10 system, and that is why I assumed it could still switch to 16 bit colour. biggrin

In any case, I played the original release of the game with Win 98 and XP in 32 bit colour mode (and the updated version in Win 7), and never had an issue. I have not tried it on my Win 10 system yet.
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