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Save slots per character?

Posted By: swalnak

Save slots per character? - 21/10/08 10:40 PM

Has it been mentioned? Seems to be getting more common to only have 1. Bad if you make a mistake, want to try a skill before keeping. Also if the file gets corrupted.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Save slots per character? - 22/10/08 04:14 AM

No, that has not been mentioned. In DD and BD you could save pretty much whenever you wished (using unique names or a set of quicksaves), so I would think that should continue for ED. The XBox version probably auto-names saves based on time and location (the PC version may do so as well, though I would expect the option to change the name or add a comment), but I can not see any reason to restrict the number of saves.

Console game developers use limited save slots at least in part because consoles started off with little memory. Larian is coming from a PC development background, though, so I doubt they would put restrictions in that were unnecessary.
Posted By: Elliot_Kane

Re: Save slots per character? - 22/10/08 12:20 PM

I agree with Raze.

It's most unusual for PC games to put serious restrictions on the number of available save slots, in my experience.
Posted By: swalnak

Re: Save slots per character? - 22/10/08 01:42 PM

Diablo, Dungeon Siege & Sacred didn't have restrictions. The sequels do (1 per character).
Blizzard, Gas Powered Games & Ascaron have pc backgrounds.

Hellgate has 1 slot each (some ex blizzard staff), not sure about Titan Quests (1 slot each) creators.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Save slots per character? - 22/10/08 07:09 PM

Games that only have 1 save slot are balanced accordingly, and have re-spawn points (etc) with possibly some penalty for dying. In ED death is final and requires that you reload your previous save. That in itself strongly implies you will be able to save multiple times.

In a multi-player game, especially a simple action RPG or FPS, there is a reason to separate the character from the world and story. In order to make sure there are no conflicts between different players, the game can just not save the world information between sessions, and save limited quest information (ie keep track of progress so you can not get the same quest reward repeatedly).
Allowing you to re-load in these types of games would guarantee a great deal of cheating (to sell or trade the same equipment multiple times, etc).

D2:ED is a single player game. Given the complexity of the quest system, everything related would have to be saved. If the world can not simply be reset or re-generated, then that has to be saved as well. If you are saving everything anyway, there is no technical reason (that I know of) why you would restrict a single player game to one save.
Posted By: Elliot_Kane

Re: Save slots per character? - 22/10/08 08:02 PM

Not only can you not die in D2 and its clones but strictly speaking you can't ever actually fail at anything, either. As such, there's no need to save anything except the character. Multiple save slots would be the norm where failure or death can happen, as Raze says.
Posted By: swalnak

Re: Save slots per character? - 30/12/08 03:09 PM

Nothing on corrupt files?
Posted By: Raze

Re: Save slots per character? - 31/12/08 04:10 AM

Obviously corrupt files are bad. Anything the game can do to prevent corruption would be better than multiple saves for recovery (if required), but there will more than likely be multiple saves possible in any case.
Posted By: Lar_q

Re: Save slots per character? - 05/01/09 02:10 PM

Raze is right - You have multiple save slots and the game makes autosaves at specific points throughout the game.
Posted By: Khamul

Re: Save slots per character? - 08/01/09 09:43 PM

Very nice to read that there will be autosaves. Although DD learned me to "freakin' save your freakin' game! ^^" some extra autosaves will never be bad.
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