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Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon)

Posted By: rokhard

Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon) - 01/07/12 12:22 AM

I have completely cleared Broken Valley (I think) in dragon form. I've destroyed all nests, and towers and killed the dragon Commander. There is one shield left that wont come down. I pull the lever, and it goes to a cutscene of the shield, but it stays there. The remaining shield is in front of a mountain river area (far west and center). In the guide book, the generator for it is G-3. It looks like there is something behind the shield I might need to get to, but maybe not. Anyone know what Im missing here?

Thanx in advance.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon) - 01/07/12 12:54 AM

You should be able to transform into a human and take a teleporter north of that anti-dragon shield to get to the area with the lever to disable it. Is that where you are getting the cutscene of the shield?

From the D2:ED walkthrough, Broken Valley flying fortress section:
Click to reveal..
-To disable the anti-dragon zone around the mine, you'll need to find a
generator just west of the mine and flip a nearby lever in human form.

-Another lever can be found just southeast of Lord Lovis' tower.

-The next zone to disable requires you to land in the area only accessible
after flipping the prior lever (west of Lord Lovis' tower, just north of the
still active zone). Find and use a teleporter after you land, then locate and
flip the lever at the top of the new area to disable all but one remaining
anti-dragon zone.

-Next, disable the barrier by landing on a platform on the west side of Maxos'
temple and flipping the lever there. Geshniz's Headquarters can be accessed
via the teleporter on this platform.

-The last anti-dragon zone can be disabled by flipping a lever not too far
west of the zone itself (like the others, it's found inside of a thick-walled
fort easily visible on the map).

Other than a few Black Ring members and random loot I don't think there is anything essential within that anti-dragon zone.

Welcome to the forum. wave
Posted By: Raze

Re: Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon) - 01/07/12 02:04 AM

I loaded a save before re-entering Broken Valley, and could easily get to G3 and pull the lever, even without disabling the first two generators. Actually, landing near the northern of the two western anti-dragon zones, you can get to the teleporter without having to drop that shield, or simply bypass it and run to the southern section. If you don't use the teleporter a stretch of that path is within the poison, but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle at a high level or with a couple healing potions (I was level 31 and probably could have made it without healing, but used a potion near the end to be safe).

If you got to the two headquarters and the mine, there there is no problem not lowering that anti-dragon shield. You can clear everywhere within there in human form, and despite fact that the shield should have dropped, you don't actually need to be able to fly through there.
Posted By: rokhard

Re: Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon) - 01/07/12 10:30 PM

Thanks guys. Like I said, the entire broken is totally cleared, even within the dragon shield area, and I know where the lever is, the sheild just wont go down when I pull it, which tells me, that either its a glitch with the game, or I missed something important. In the game guide, it doesnt show anything in the area behind the anti-zone, but it looks like there is a space.

I guess I'll just not worry about it, I just have a feeling I'm missing something.

Thanks again.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon) - 01/07/12 11:44 PM

It is just a glitch. I tried that lever first when I reloaded the old save to check if there was an expected order, and didn't have a problem (and there is nothing else in that area to miss).
Posted By: Helgi

Re: Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon) - 16/08/13 09:50 PM

I'm stuck in Broken Valley as well.

I have cleared all dragon threats, and a few of the human ones, but i didn't encounter any shields, but only find the door to the mine locked, and after 5 hours search i got bored and gave up.... can anybody help me ??
Posted By: Raze

Re: Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon) - 17/08/13 12:49 AM

In the Dragon Knight Saga / Developer's Cut version of the game, most of the anti-dragon shields in the flying fortresses and Broken Valley were removed (one remains in Stone's flying fortress).

The key to the mine can be found in the quarry tower a short flight away.
Posted By: Levianne

Re: Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon) - 13/11/19 09:56 AM

The one in Stone's fortress, is that with the commander (forgot his name) and his pet (again, I'm terrible with names), I loved that part, where he told me to not even think about disabling the shield, the first thing in our fight was me disabling it, just for the lullz. XD

But back to topic: the anti dragon zones in most Damian's fortresses were removed? Why? Did anyone think it's too hard? I'm just curious. At least it forced the player to land somewhere safer outside of the shield with as few enemies as possible. As of now, you can drop anywhere, in the middle for example and get your ass swarmed. Is this the idea of the game being easier?
Posted By: vometia

Re: Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon) - 13/11/19 10:42 AM

I mostly preferred them in their original incarnation but it could be argued that it made that section of the game quite slow to progress through.
Posted By: Levianne

Re: Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon) - 13/11/19 10:53 AM

Slow to progress, I certainly can understand that, but when you drop in the middle, got your ass handled and have to load a previous save, wouldn't that slow you down as well? There are still people, who try taking on fortresses unprepared, rushing and so on. Forcing them to land in a safe spot, then taking on the enemies along with the shield generators would at least draw a clear line for some of those. People complain about the game being difficult and whatnot, this surely doesn't add to ease the difficulty much.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon) - 13/11/19 12:18 PM

Part of it was some people not liking the puzzle aspect (I did), and occasional frustration if people missed one or two of the generators, and had to run around everywhere again looking for what they missed.
Posted By: Levianne

Re: Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon) - 13/11/19 01:19 PM

But was it really necessary to disable the generators to advance? I mean to raid the fortress, you don't have to fly aside from the initial arrival. If the fortress'es layer is on multiple islands, you still can drop somewhere nearby and fight in human form, can't you? I would say that disabling the anti dragon shields was mostly optional, aside from few ones, that really had to be done.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Stuck in Broken Valley (as dragon) - 14/11/19 04:18 AM

You could get through some parts of the fortresses without disabling the generators, but there were places you could not just fly over and transform, or otherwise get to in human form. The anti-dragon shields prevented you from getting to the headquarters, at least, and in general there were large sections you had to fly to.
IIRC for the achievement taking out all of the flying fortresses, the generators all had to be disabled.
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