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DAD's Item Editor

Posted By: Lord_Rius

DAD's Item Editor - 12/03/11 06:53 PM

Hi everybody, i create this post for every programmer in the forums that can fix the problem of the discontinued DAD's Item Editor with Item Names containing (, , , , , -, ) characters.

Come on boys!!! please.

Also have problem with ([, ])
Posted By: Raze

Re: DAD's Item Editor - 12/03/11 11:39 PM

If you manually edit an item name to include those characters, does the game itself display them properly? There isn't much point in fixing the item editor if the game also has a problem. In the disk version of the game there were some problems transferring saves between different language versions, as well as a problem replacing English files in the Thai localization, but I don't know if that was due to changes in the file structure or lack of unicode support, etc.

I may be able to check a manual edit (at least in the disk version) later tonight, or tomorrow...

BTW, anyone still reading the DD forums would be checking both General and Help/Tips/Tricks.
Posted By: Lord_Rius

Re: DAD's Item Editor - 13/03/11 12:53 AM

The problem is for example the item "Fiend's Two-Handed Sword Of The Vampire" inside items.000, this item is showed cutted like this in editor "Fiend's Two" and when you try to edit it, for example renaming it, shows an error saying "Run-time error '63': Bad Record number and the program closes.
Posted By: Raze

Re: DAD's Item Editor - 13/03/11 06:09 AM

Tomorrow I'll see if I have time to find any equipment in one of my old saves that DAD's Item Editor has a problem with, and then test if a manual edit can change the name. I've barely used the item editor, though, and have not tried any manual edits...
Posted By: makemeunreal

Re: DAD's Item Editor - 23/08/11 04:49 PM

Anyone can give me a Download link,for this..Item editor?
Posted By: Raze

Re: DAD's Item Editor - 23/08/11 05:34 PM

DAD's item editor
Posted By: makemeunreal

Re: DAD's Item Editor - 24/08/11 06:32 AM

Thanks Raze (:
Posted By: Sunfire

Re: DAD's Item Editor - 13/10/12 05:59 PM

can it do inventory as well? If not could someone direct me to one that can?
Posted By: Raze

Re: DAD's Item Editor - 13/10/12 07:57 PM

No, it can not add items to the inventory, merely modify existing equipment. There are only 2 item editors for DD, the other not being quite as full featured (which also can not create items).

Divine Divinity Item Editor

However, DAD's Item Editor requires Visual Basic runtime libraries which may not be installed or included by default in Vista/7, whereas the older DDIE should work fine.
Posted By: Aenra

Re: DAD's Item Editor - 13/04/15 06:02 PM


Reason: Left brain at home
Posted By: Techslinger

Re: DAD's Item Editor - 06/08/17 10:55 PM

Partially inspired by DAD's Item editor, I've recently written a Divine Divinity item editor in python, the GUI portion is not done yet, but the main python module is (mostly) done. If anyone is interested, I'll make the source code available.

I've tested the editor out with item files from the most recent GOG version, and the editor is written to target most Mac or Linux systems (which should have python 2.7 installed by default.)

Also, I'll post my notes on the 'items.000' file structure in the next post. There are some bits in the item record structure I haven't figured out, but I think I have the mapping complete enough to handle some items that DAD editor can't.
Posted By: Techslinger

Re: DAD's Item Editor - 04/10/17 03:29 AM

Update: The GUI for my editor is working well enough now that I would feel comfortable sharing it. If anyone expresses interest, I'll share the code. My GUI testing has been almost entirely on a Mac, but it should work in Linux as well.
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