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Question on 'secrets' via mindreading

Posted By: Darthvegeta800

Question on 'secrets' via mindreading - 01/01/10 10:03 PM

Is it worthwhile to use mindreading a lot. I reload when I get 'nothing' out of it. But I do save whenever it gives clues to a purse, weapon or the likes. But is it perhaps better to let most secrets go? As it does come at the cost of a lot of xp.
Posted By: Conan 1

Re: Question on 'secrets' via mindreading - 01/01/10 10:38 PM

Mindreading gives you some nice items at times. To avoid the save/reload before mindreading: just look at the cost. Let's say you are in Broken Valley and the average mindread is 66 EXP, then you mindread someone and it costs like 125 EXP, then that's when you should try it.
Also, you can get skill points and stats points by mindreading.

Save/reload is the same as 'cheating' in my book. \:\)

Use mindreading wisely and it will payoff for you.
Posted By: Chrol

Re: Question on 'secrets' via mindreading - 01/01/10 10:42 PM

Mindreading the big dragon dude for 400xp gives you some badass helmet but some people asking for 800xp give nothing but "i left my tumble-dryer on"
Posted By: Turambar304

Re: Question on 'secrets' via mindreading - 01/01/10 11:26 PM

Yeah I'll see someone that a mindread would cost like 1400 xp, and I think to myself wow I bet thats something good, but I'm afraid to do it cause thsts a lot of xp. But then I'm afraid I'm missing out on something too. And with limited xp its a big gamble....
Posted By: Sirus

Re: Question on 'secrets' via mindreading - 01/01/10 11:29 PM

suggestion - it's cheating. ;\)

quick save or save the game
mindread to see what they say - if the outcome is worth it [reward], then continue on
else restore the saved game.

Same rule applies to chests - some chests randomly generate a reward. you can quick save the game, open a chest, look at reward - if it's something you like, continue on. If it's not, restore save and keep trying until you find something you like.
Posted By: Chrol

Re: Question on 'secrets' via mindreading - 01/01/10 11:57 PM

I just mindread someone for 2,400xp and they gave a password to a nearby chest. inside was a 2h sword with 19-59 dmg and 14-32 magical lmfao

i hit like 120 with it and im a ranger \:D
Posted By: Fashtas

Re: Question on 'secrets' via mindreading - 02/01/10 12:06 AM

Don't worry about XP, mindread everything that moves

Every time I was offered a quest reward choice that had XP, I took it because I was worried I wouldn't have enough

Also, every time I could mind-read I did, even the "I left my tumble drier on" ones and did not reload

I ended the game with the final mobs unable to harm me, I could stand there and wait for fireball to regen then one hit the entire room. I had 8 or so skill points that had no decent skills left to spend on

Basically, you have plenty of XP to mindread. It only seems like your XP is tight at the very beginning
Posted By: Turambar304

Re: Question on 'secrets' via mindreading - 02/01/10 12:22 AM

That's good to know. I've never played a game with limited xp gain, so I have been really worried about it.... And as far as saving and loading with chests and mindreading, I don't really think of it as cheating, but I think it takes away from the game a lil so I don't do it.
Posted By: Darthvegeta800

Re: Question on 'secrets' via mindreading - 02/01/10 10:15 AM

Good to know. From now on i'll try to pick up all mindreads that give something for now. ^__^
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