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Nvidia 301.42

Posted By: TigerOmega

Nvidia 301.42 - 20/06/12 08:35 PM

After installing the Nvidia drivers I get a Wrong Physx version and then the game won't run. I tried to roll back the driver but that didn't work. Any suggestions?
Posted By: Raze

Re: Nvidia 301.42 - 20/06/12 09:02 PM

Did you also update PhysX, if applicable? (see here)

In the nVidia control panel, try switching PhysX to CPU rather than GPU or Automatic, or disable it for Divinity 2.
Posted By: TigerOmega

Re: Nvidia 301.42 - 21/06/12 03:39 PM

Thanks Raze but all attempts failed. I spent about an hour trying everything I can think of but no joy. The rollback didn't work either. I guess support for Ego Draconis has ended.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Nvidia 301.42 - 21/06/12 09:41 PM

No, try emailing Include a description of the problem and maybe a link to this topic.

When you uninstalled the new drivers, did you make sure there were no traces left, either manually (How to: Remove your Nvidia GPU Drivers) or with a program like Driver Sweeper?

Ultimate Nvidia Driver Guide for Uninstalling and Installing driversets
Posted By: Larian_QA

Re: Nvidia 301.42 - 22/06/12 07:33 AM

go to start > control panel > programs and features > rightclick on Nvidia Physx and select uninstall.
After that, install the latest physx software from NVIDIA:

Usually, uninstall and reinstall of that package only fixes most physx issues. If it still does not work, try reinstalling the driver again, after you uninstalled physx.
Posted By: TigerOmega

Re: Nvidia 301.42 - 23/06/12 02:37 AM

Tried it again and still the same error msg. I used driver sweeper and did a clean install of the Nvidia driver. The game won't run. I will email support and see if they can help me. Thx to Raze and Larian QA for your assistance.
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