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HeLp PlS!!!!! several D2s and WMVs missing!

Posted By: Blazer

HeLp PlS!!!!! several D2s and WMVs missing! - 23/08/14 04:04 AM

I have the Disc version of Divinity 2: Ego Draconis and every time that I install it several WMVs and D2s wont install! WTF?!?!?! I have uninstalled and reinstalled countless times and I am running Windows 7 Home premium on an Asus laptop.

I love this game, at LEAST as much as Skyrim (And thats saying a lot!) But I am almost ready to say F^ck it All, and chuck the disc into a busy street after shattering it a few hundred times and forgetting this epic game exists.

Naturally, I REALLY REALLY dont wanna do that but without these files I can't progress! (I'm just about to go to Aleroth and Orobas Fjords, having just got my battle tower, Finally)

The ones I remember that wont install are:


If anyone can somehow help me fix this f^ck!n problem I would really really appreciate it. Lets face it gamers, NOONE wants to get 1/3 (give or take) of the way through any game only for it to not work anymore right??

Love Peace and much respect, Blazer
P.S. Sorry about the language, I am getting EXTREMELY frustrated with this B.S.
Posted By: Raze

Re: HeLp PlS!!!!! several D2s and WMVs missing! - 23/08/14 05:48 AM

Do you have access to another computer you could try installing the game on? The drive in the laptop may have a problem with the DVD, or even if there is some damage (heat can cause problems that wouldn't necessarily be visible), another drive may be better able to read it.

Does the install finish, despite the errors? If so, there shouldn't be any problems copying the problem files over from another computer. For the video files the game may not have a problem with them missing (in DKS/D2:DC at least, you can rename the intro video, as well as the folder for the skill preview videos, and the game will just skip playing them).

Do you have a complete list of files which give errors, and is it the same files each time?
I at least have the D2:DC versions of the 2 videos you mentioned, but the 002_TextureSet.dv2 doesn't exist (there were graphics update to the D2:ED section of the game with the DKS release).

Saves from the original release of D2:ED are not compatible with DKS / D2:DC. That said, when D2:DC was first released there was an upgrade offer with D2:ED / FoV / DKS for a download version from the Larian Vault. This was automatic on Steam (and eventually other digital distributors) and you could contact support about the retail version. See the topic Divinity 2: Developer's Cut and Anthology on Steam. I assume this doesn't apply for the D2:ED release of a magazine cover DVD some time ago (UK or German game magazine, IIRC).
Posted By: Blazer

Re: HeLp PlS!!!!! several D2s and WMVs missing! - 25/08/14 03:17 PM

All I have is the D2:ED. The texture on isn't so much as the problem, as the Aleroth Intro. Without that I haven't been able to leave the battle tower, which is frustrating as hell. Lol. I don't have access to another comp that'll allow me to install onit, but that is a great suggestion. Mine is the original D2:ED (Don't think I updated it but that'll have to wait till after I figure out how to get the missing files. I at least need the Allan_dies01 or 02 and Aleroth Intro. Is there a spot where I can download those 2 specific files? And as for the renaming the files, does that mean that if I copied Farglow_intro and renamed the copy Aleroth_Intro that that would work and just skip the video (or even replay that one thats fine as long as I can get outta my battle tower and kick damians unholy ass. LmFaO!) And yes, it's always the same videos. Whirlwind (which doesn't really seem to effect much), Way of the Wise Wizard (which I haven't even tried using yet), Allan_Dies01 and Aleroth_Intro. There's one more that never really seemed to do much, can't remember what it was called though.

Your advice was good quick advice and I shall let you know if it works or not, fingers crossed. I love this game as much as the GTA and Elderscrolls series, by far 2 of most gamers favce gaming series' LoL.

Thank you for the quick response!

Posted By: Raze

Re: HeLp PlS!!!!! several D2s and WMVs missing! - 26/08/14 06:49 AM

Here is a temporary link for the D2:DC Aleroth and Allan videos.
Posted By: Blazer

Re: HeLp PlS!!!!! several D2s and WMVs missing! - 03/09/14 06:28 PM

I may need you to readd the link again, sorry. And thanks for the help, I appreciate. Now I may finally be able to continue this awesome game.
Posted By: Blazer

Re: HeLp PlS!!!!! several D2s and WMVs missing! - 07/09/14 08:03 PM

Apparantly not, I'm downloadin it now and ill find out in a bit if it worked or not. TYVM for the help.
Posted By: Blazer

Re: HeLp PlS!!!!! several D2s and WMVs missing! - 07/09/14 09:53 PM

IT WORKS!!!!! Epic! Tyvm! Time to kick damians ass! Hoo-rah!
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