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Nvidia Inspector not working

Posted By: snail

Nvidia Inspector not working - 04/02/15 09:11 PM

I followed the installation instructions from this link and still can't get Anti Alaising to work. It's very frustrating.

This game looks really good. Why in-the-hell would Larian ship a remastered version of the game without AA?? It's mind boggling.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Nvidia Inspector not working - 04/02/15 10:36 PM

There is Screenspace AA. The game uses deferred rendering, so can not support hardware anti-aliasing. There may be a couple things you can try in the topic Anti-aliasing support.
Posted By: snail

Re: Nvidia Inspector not working - 05/02/15 09:16 PM

Thank you, Raze. I finally got it to work.

I reinstalled my OS last night lol.

I don't know what was going on, but I did change a few things to my approach this time, too.

For starters, I stayed in Admin account this time; Last time I was in a user account. And, I used MSAA this time, not CSAA.

Game looks intense! Thank you. <3
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