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Alchemist dissapear on my tower

Posted By: Aradel

Alchemist dissapear on my tower - 25/07/19 11:52 AM


My alchemist has disappeared from my war tower. I asked him to prepare a potion "from the grimoire" and then "the one that increases the strength".

He disappeared after that, but at the time I thought he went to get something, like the pickers. He never come back...

When I go to the alchemy garden in my war tower, I see a green dot on the radar but there is no one at the indicated location.

I am on xbox360, french localization.

What can I make to find out my alchemist ? I need potions...
Posted By: Raze

Re: Alchemist dissapear on my tower - 25/07/19 01:08 PM

IIRC Barbatos should walk over to the table there to make the free stat potions.
Where is the green dot? Is it stationary or moving around? Did you try interacting in the direction the alchemist should be, based on the mini-map?
I assume you tried leaving the battle tower and returning? Did you try moving between the platforms, or speaking to Sassan?

Do you still have a save before Barbatos disappeared?
If you are in the Flames of Vengeance section of the game (with the Dragon Knight Saga release), there is another alchemist in Aleroth.
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