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Stupid Patch

Posted By: Fiacla_Gear

Stupid Patch - 08/07/06 10:07 PM

The patch 1.34 screwed up my game the colour is totally screwed so i was wandering if there was a way to dleete it?
Posted By: Fiacla_Gear

Re: Stupid Patch - 08/07/06 10:51 PM

Oh yeah the only problem I'm having is in buildings and like the catacombs and stuff the colour is just totally [nocando]...I'm not sure if its the patch but I just installed the game onto this comp i used or play it on my other one but I never had the patch but I decide to download it before I evan started to play so i don't know if it is the patch but i think it is so...Is there a way to dleete it?
Posted By: Raze

Re: Stupid Patch - 09/07/06 06:38 AM

Actually, that doesn't sound like a problem with the patch.

From FIX for splotch problem/weird color areas/fog


Dear everybody

If you have the Windows ME/Nvidia graphics card "splotch problem," which makes bizarre splotches of darkness and color appear indoors and at night, here's the best cure:

Turn on your PC and leave it on for 45 minutes.

That's it. Better even than putting "splotchproblem 1" in your config.lcl.

You can check your e-mail or whatever you want. Just make sure about 45 minutes goes by.

I read this suggestion on the previous forum and wanted to share it. It saved me a lot of headaches.

best wishes for gaming fun, y'all


If you add the line to the end of your config.lcl file, make sure you hit Enter afterwards (the game expects the last line to be blank, and ignores it).

You may also want to check for updated graphics drivers. This problem can also occur in Windows XP and with Radeon cards, though that is less common than with ME/Nvidia.
Posted By: Fiacla_Gear

Re: Stupid Patch - 10/07/06 01:51 AM

What line am i supposed to add???
Posted By: Raze

Re: Stupid Patch - 10/07/06 03:35 AM

In the '..\Divine Divinity\Run' folder, open the 'config.lcl' file in any text editor (such as Notepad) and add the line "splotchproblem 1" (without the quotes).
Posted By: Fiacla_Gear

Re: Stupid Patch - 10/07/06 05:19 PM

Thanks it didn't qwork but thanks for trying i just reinstalled the game and I didn't download the patch this time and its running perfect so for me I think it was the patch.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Stupid Patch - 10/07/06 08:27 PM

I'd try installing the patch again, to make sure that really was the problem, and there wasn't just a glitch the first time the game and patch were installed.

Before reinstalling the game, did you try running the configuration program and use different video settings? Even if the patch does cause the problem, maybe the Direct Draw or Software video modes would be ok.

If the problem is the patch and none of the configuration options can help, the previous 1.32 hotfix may not cause a problem. I may have it backed up somewhere, but it is not in my DD folder.
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