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Is there a LIBRARY?

Posted By: LACU

Is there a LIBRARY? - 21/01/09 06:10 PM

... but I cannot close my eyes cause I really really wanna read the books of DD! It is great fun to read documents of a game world.

During my journey I saw many books and I strongly felt to read all papers. But for me It is a big work to just understand conversastions with NPCs \:\(

In short, Is there a library that keeps documents of DD. Books Categorized would be VERY APPRECIATED but I don't care that. If there is a LIBRARY or something like that, please tell me~!
Posted By: Raze

Re: Is there a LIBRARY? - 21/01/09 09:02 PM

There is no library in the game. Well, there is sort of one in the merchant's guild, but those bookcases don't have any greater chance of containing a (random) book than any other. However, the contents of the books in DD are in the file '..\Divine Divinity\Run\main\startup.v2\static\books.000'. It is not a straight text file, but you can open it in Wordpad (etc) and read/copy the text portions.

Myrthos has compiled some background and FAQs for D2:ED at the Locus Inn, though most of that deals with the events during and after DD. The D2:ED fansite kit (17.7MB) contains some background for DD and a novella covering most of the events between DD and BD.
Posted By: Khamul

Re: Is there a LIBRARY? - 26/01/09 04:24 PM

Well there's my personal library at my house in Aleroth (no it's not Joram's, it's mine). Just pick up every book and manuscript you come across and that looks interesting and stuff them away somewhere. Enjoy the ingame reading afterwards \:\) It's not as complete as reading the text file, but it's a lot more fun to read ingame ^^
Posted By: AlrikFassbauer

Re: Is there a LIBRARY? - 22/02/09 11:29 PM

I did a similar thing: Collecting books. \:D ;\)

(Almost like in real life ! ;\) )

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