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need help please!

Posted By: freshnesss

need help please! - 18/03/03 01:16 AM

hi. i read the larian armor spoiler it says you have to have 2002 gold not a coin more or less im wondering how you get that. i have 2 piles in my inventory and i cant change how big each pile is any help would be great i feel im going to be bound to buying food and drinks from a bar to get 2002... thank you for your help.
Posted By: Gandalf

Re: need help please! - 18/03/03 01:27 AM

This is so easy, you'll laugh.
First, pick up your pile of Gold from your inventory.
Second, drag it off to the side so you can drop it.
Third, hold down the CTL key when you let go of the mouse.
You will be asked how much you want to let go.

Posted By: DQueene

Re: need help please! - 18/03/03 01:31 AM

After that if you have a container, barrel or that book from the thieves guild, you can put the rest of the gold in there and it won't be 'seen' as being in your inventory.
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