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Dragon Breastplate Problem

Posted By: Areallis

Dragon Breastplate Problem - 16/03/18 05:43 PM

Hi i was wondering how to get a dragon cheastplate. I readed that you need to hand an axe and letter to the dwarwen king but i gave that to the dwarwen council member instead so i am stuck as i dont get the speach option for Dragon cheastplate quest.
So what should i do.
I hope this post will be seen and thanks in case that someone actually reply to my question.

Posted By: caninelegion

Re: Dragon Breastplate Problem - 17/03/18 12:28 AM

My memory is fading but (and I read the give ax to the king thing too) I don't remember ever having to fool the game to get by the guards stripping the ax from you. I believe I gave it to the councilor and an option came up with the king to tell him I found the ax (or he states to me that he knows I found the ax or something like that). I don't remember what I did with the letter. I don't believe that all is lost with you completing the task but, unfortunately, I can't remember the details.
Posted By: Areallis

Re: Dragon Breastplate Problem - 17/03/18 07:36 AM

Thank you for answering i really apprisherate( probbably spelled wrong) it.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Dragon Breastplate Problem - 21/03/18 09:09 AM

If you go to see the king with both the Axe of Stone and the letter to Gregor, the guards will let you keep them. If you only bring one, though, and come back later with the second, they can remove it from your inventory (you can throw it past them and pick it up after entering, or bypass the guards entriely [throw a teleporter pyramid in, a mage can use their Swap Places special move, or you can kill the guards
Click to reveal..
by casting Poison Cloud near but not directly on them, to do damage and kill them without triggering combat or loosing reputation]).

If you don't have a save before giving the items to the council member, and the dialog options do not come up with the king, there is a way to replace the items: Lost Items - guide and directory of inventory files.

Posted By: caninelegion

Re: Dragon Breastplate Problem - 22/03/18 04:28 AM

So you can't give it to the council member. Could have sworn I did that. Oh well, likely just had both with me then.
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