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Dr Elrath house

Posted By: huerguita84

Dr Elrath house - 30/04/18 08:18 AM

Is it possible to re-enter Dr. Elrath's house once he has been arrested? I need to take the healing potions from his cellar because the first time I went I did not pick them up.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Dr Elrath house - 30/04/18 09:03 AM

Yes. There is a window on the west side of the south west room in Elrath's house, which you can throw a teleporter pyramid through. It is at the northern corner; there is a window on the east wall and a couple small ones on the south, but I was not able to get a teleporter stone through them. In detail:

Alternately (probably not as easy), you can get back in the basement either by hex editing (Teleporting Anywhere) or file swapping (FIX for the Missing Catacombs Portal), or replace the set of potions (Lost Items - guide and directory of inventory files).

By design there are only 2 cure potions in the game, but 3 victims. There are ways around that, though.
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You can Pickpocket (level 2) a potion back from a cured person, kill one after curing (with no loss of reputation) to get them to drop the potion, or duplicate the potions before using either.

To copy a stackable item, drag a stack out of (or into) your inventory (or container) and hold down the control key before dropping. This will bring up the split stack pane; type in a negative number and hit enter (the checkmark will be greyed out). This can also be done in the trade window.

Posted By: huerguita84

Re: Dr Elrath house - 30/04/18 10:02 AM

Thank you very much! I will try to place a teleportation pyramid in the window of the doctor's house but right now I do not have any pyramid. An imp took them away from me when I entered the castle of Stormfist. Surely I'll end up recovering the pyramids, right? Hope so. XD
Posted By: Raze

Re: Dr Elrath house - 30/04/18 10:09 AM

Yes, you'll get them back, after you complete the quest Arhu gave you when you got out of Iona's dungeon: rescue Zandalor
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(sewer Stormfist castle treasure room entrance), get out of there, let him teleport you somewhere else and clear that area).
Posted By: caninelegion

Re: Dr Elrath house - 01/05/18 05:19 AM

Out of curiosity, if you questioned the doctor without using the door key, could one, in this situation, simply get the key and use it?
Posted By: Raze

Re: Dr Elrath house - 04/05/18 05:26 AM

I'm pretty sure you can not enter using the key after you confront the doctor with the evidence found in his cellar (he appears as you are leaving the house, kicks you out, and presumably is more thorough in locking his door after that).
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