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A very strang game crash

Posted By: xwm

A very strang game crash - 28/05/19 09:16 AM

I have a gamesave which is the last one i can load normally. After this, any further new save can be made,but when loading,game will crash.This is a steam version,anybody knew why?
BTW, how to upload a file onto this forum? so I can post out this save. Thanks in advance!
Posted By: Raze

Re: A very strang game crash - 29/05/19 08:04 AM

Does loading and saving right away result in a crash when loading, or do you need to move, complete a quest, etc, before this will be a problem?

Can you load earlier saves, and create new saves that load properly?

You can not directly upload saves to the forum, but if you zip the save folder you can upload it to Dropbox or Google drive, etc, and post a link. Alternately, you can email the save/link to
In Windows Explorer you can zip a file or folder by right clicking on it/them and selecting 'Send To | Compressed (zipped) Folder'.
Posted By: xwm

Re: A very strang game crash - 29/05/19 05:49 PM

@Raze, Many thanks for your patient reply!

For any new saving at any condition,loading it will caused a crash. I have an earlier save, after loading it,I can only saved normally a few times ( I remember about 3~4 times), then further new save will be the same result.

Ok,I have emailed the save file. Now I deleted all and reinstalled the DD, restarted a new journey from Aleroth!
Posted By: Raze

Re: A very strang game crash - 02/06/19 05:07 AM

To update the topic, as well: I could reproduce this from the save. Any resave from that save could be loaded fine, but after loading one of those saves and re-saving again, it would crash on load. Copying the data.000 from the original save to the second resave would allow it to be loaded (still with the same issue as the original save). There were too many changes in the file to make tracking down the problem feasible; some trial and error replacing data sections may have narrowed it down, but a fix from that point would not necessarily have been obvious, and xwm had already restarted.
Posted By: xwm

Re: A very strang game crash - 04/06/19 08:12 AM

As a 17 years old game, it is surprised that Larian still put efforts for its good performance! @Raze,thanks again for your test and reply!
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