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Return to Divinity DKS- Save game files missing?

Posted By: TheBear

Return to Divinity DKS- Save game files missing? - 19/12/18 01:03 AM

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this one.

Decided to replay this classic, and IMO perhaps one of the best Divinity games. (Sorry all. I've done Original Sin and O/S 2. I just like this one better for the interface)


Game save files where doing okay. Due to getting face planted a few times I've been saving the game files on a regular bases. Then got overwhelmed and kicked hard. It happens hehe

Stopped playing for a short while to run a few errands, came back to play. Progress totally lost. I've been writing over the same past game save file to avoid clutter. Suddenly my most recent save? Is 3-4 hours behind where I should be.

Any ideas of what could cause this one?

Posted By: TheBear

Re: Return to Divinity DKS- Save game files missing? - 19/12/18 01:17 AM

Sidebar note:

I peeked at the game save folders. Looks like my latest game save was at 7:01 PM my time. Looks like the file contents are a dead match for the auto save folder time stamped about 3 hours prior. My most recent save shows it was at 7:01PM... But all the data? Matches up with the game's auto save file some 3 hours ago?!?

Wow.... And the funny part? I purposely reloaded the game several times to attempt to 're-roll' better loot when I battled the ghost in the bottom of the tower. Worked great for me each time, until I exited the game and returned. Now my latest game save file matches an auto save file from 3 hours ago.

Does the game have a glitch when to many save game files are in the folder? The folder is pretty huge for game save files.

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