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Not sure how to feel [Spoiler alert]

Posted By: Guthan

Not sure how to feel [Spoiler alert] - 11/04/13 09:50 AM

So, I've finished the game a while ago and wasn't sure how to feel about it.

I liked the storyline, no doubt about that. It's just the gameplay in FOV that bothers me. I mean, it looks like it was put together without a lot of time or thoughts.
This may sound a bit harsh, but really... In ED, skillpoints were pretty scarce and you had to actually think before investing. In FOV, skillpoints are thrown around as if they're nothing. There was also this annoying bug where every time I entered a cave, the monsters respawned. Good for exp, but I doubt it was meant to be.

The bossfight was a piece of cake too. I tried both ways and always played on hardest difficulty. What bothered me the most was that I didn't change a single piece of equipement since my fight against the divine in ED. That's not really logical for an RPG where you level like at least 10 levels. The bossfight against the divine was pretty easy too, btw. Maybe I've just choosen all the right gear and charms and enchantments, but before I bought the DKS, I played ED too, and the fight against the Divine was real hard then...

Just expressing my thoughts, I wonder if there are any among us that feel the same way.
Posted By: Joram

Re: Not sure how to feel [Spoiler alert] - 11/04/13 10:32 AM

The respawned enemies are NOT a bug wink

ED is indeed more difficult than DKS, even on nightmare mode.
I very like FoV because of the quests, NPC's and many funny things with a awesome atmosphere too !

But I can understand you talking about "the equipment" :
if I really put all my efforts in Ego draconis part of DKS my hero become very powerful (overpowered) and then FoV gear you find isn't THAT great anymore, except a few special pieces ...

This knowing I'm planning now to NOT try to get out all of the first part(ED) so it is more fun finding better equipment in FoV !
Posted By: crillgamer

Re: Not sure how to feel [Spoiler alert] - 11/04/13 11:11 AM

For me FOV wasn't as interesting as ED. It was more like a sleuth game. Still liked it. It was possible to max out my character in FOV. I believe the respawn monsters were intentional. With gems/enchantments my character had full resistance without potions.

Dialogue was funny. I would hang out in the healers room just to listen to the people. I don't think you're alone feeling FOV didn't measure up to ED. I've heard it before. I liked it cause I was able to peak my abilities. Some skills require level 40 to reach 15 points.
Posted By: Guthan

Re: Not sure how to feel [Spoiler alert] - 11/04/13 12:29 PM

Yes, but how many skills were you able to max? I think there was an overload of skillbooks. And I too still liked it for the sake of continuing the storyline of ED, but I think it could've been better balanced. The Terminatorlike spawn was funny laugh
Posted By: Stabbey

Re: Not sure how to feel [Spoiler alert] - 11/04/13 12:53 PM

It was definitely crazy how many skill points they gave you in FoV - far too many. I ran out of primary and secondary skills to max and started on the tertiary ones.

I thought the fight against the Divine was pretty tough, but Ygerna was not so hard.
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