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Another Suggestion for DOS

Posted By: rhiggins

Another Suggestion for DOS - 17/04/13 10:53 PM

Nothing is worse than spending hours upon hours of playing a game and the ending is wrapped up in 5 seconds, so it would be great to have a satisfactory ending to the main plot.

It would be cool if the player would be able to play interactive games (i.e. poker) to gamble and make money.

Have surprise attacks like assassins or possibly even a kidnapper that takes one of your characters for ransom where the player could either pay the ransom or attempt to foil the kidnappers.

Will there be sewers, graveyeards, tombs, haunted areas? Areas with a lot of spooky ambiance?

Posted By: Stabbey

Re: Another Suggestion for DOS - 17/04/13 11:14 PM

- The third idea isn't really going to work well given the co-op nature of the game. Even in single player you can control each character independently. But in co-op, a guy probably isn't going to want to be locked up for a while waiting for his partner to stop faffing about and pay a ransom.

- There's at least one entire ghost town.
Posted By: Joram

Re: Another Suggestion for DOS - 18/04/13 06:56 AM

And why not that third idea ? wink
Let's say you're playing single player with the both main characters and one of them fall in a deep pit (of a troll or something big beast/monster) ... then the other one can go find or buy a rope and rescue the other before the troll is coming ! :hihi: This can be part of "an adventure", why not? And if this is possible, why not rhiggins idea of a kidnapping?
Of course, if your character can handle kidnappers and kill them, no kidnapping afterwards ...

I also like to see some riddles/puzzles in the game you can solve with 1 character, but you can solve in a much faster/easier way with both main characters! Then the chooice is yours ! Maybe even a few puzzles you can ONLY solve if you play well together, otherwise ...
Posted By: Sawovsky

Re: Another Suggestion for DOS - 18/04/13 09:26 AM

We already had some kind of kidnapping in DD, when you get stuck in that dungeon,, after your visit Duke Janus.
Posted By: Asyreon

Re: Another Suggestion for DOS - 18/04/13 04:38 PM

The presence of mini-games has already been proposed in the "Wishlist" topic (where belong most suggestions).
"No mini-games. Lockpicking will be item based and dexterity based." -Taken from Update #9.
Whether it refers to lockpicking specifically or any other mini-games, I don't know.

As for surprise attacks (more generally randoms encounters), should you play solo or in co-op, I doubt it wouldn't work, given the nature of the game. It'd add to the fun in multiplayer for sure, but I guess it has already been discussed, it's quite a popular feature in RPGs.
Hopefully we'll have a words or two about it in a later update.
Posted By: Ikalios

Re: Another Suggestion for DOS - 18/04/13 08:52 PM

Don't forget the at will teleportation ...
Posted By: Asyreon

Re: Another Suggestion for DOS - 18/04/13 09:03 PM

Teleporting would be disabled during combats.
As for kidnapping, it'd be fun if the criminals sold your goods to someone and that, using your pyramid, you'd pop up in a shop in the middle of nowhere, thinking you're easily going to rescue your partner but instead facing an angry merchant.
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