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New To Game - Character Selection

Posted By: oletreebark

New To Game - Character Selection - 02/05/19 02:10 PM

Good morning all!

I'm ready to take the plunge! Thought I've played many RPGs I haven't played a good turn-based RPG since FF Tactics. I'm buying the game for Xbox One this afternoon and am trying to plan out my party. I've watched several videos and read a few articles (Avoiding spoilers at all costs!) and this is where I've landed.

I'm trying to decide between playing as:

1. Fane : Seems to be the most unique, different story type play through than anything I've played before (again I'm avoiding any story spoilers). I get the undead aspect makes healing trickier.

2. Ifan: Seems to be pretty overarching plot - centric. Maybe a bit vanilla?

3. Unique Me: Back story of bring ripped from my world into the game's world, or possibly one of those "long sleeps" where this world is a far distant post apocalyptic version of our own.

Thoughts on the above choices?

Once I nail that down is it basically pick the other party members that seem the most interesting, then be sure I round the party well with healing, physical damage and magic?

Thanks in advance!

Posted By: fragonard

Re: New To Game - Character Selection - 02/05/19 05:34 PM

Welcome aboard. Fane has the best story IMHO and is stronger because of his unique abilities. Healing has never been an issue for me, not even slightly. Ifan is generic, you're correct. I first played with a custom human and you do get a very handy unique spell but I really missed the origin stories so I restarted as Fane.

Bottom line: Fane is easy to play both for utility and damage, plus he has a special relationship to the main story. I used to like Ifan as a companion because he's loyal and trouble free but he's pretty boring. I now prefer Lohse, Sebille, and Beast but that's a personal opinion sort of thing. For mechanics, Sebille is the most adaptable because of her unique racial powers and she has a pretty good story too.
Posted By: WINoodles

Re: New To Game - Character Selection - 18/05/19 08:52 AM

One of the many nice things about D:OS2 is that it has several note worthy origin characters. You can't fully explore all of their stories in a single play through so the adds a bit of replayability to the game. As a further note, conversations of origin characters can be a bit different if you are playing them as your main character rather than having them as a companion. Also, origin characters will react to decisions made by other origin characters. The Red Prince and Sebille make for an interesting pair to run together. In my opinion, Lohse has the most interesting story. Playing as Fane has an added benefit that game itself will teach you how improve combat against undead. However, playing as your own unique undead character will do that as well. I enjoy playing an undead Elf as a Necromancer. What says Necromancer more than a character that eats body parts?
As for a recommendation on a first playthroung, perhaps the best thing to do is plan a group around the TAGs (Soldier, Outlaw, Noble, etc). Try to have a party that maximizes the number of these you have in the party. For a first playthrough, the two I would recommend would be Fane and the Red Prince. Get Pet Pal on the Red Prince. There are a couple reasons for this and one of them is humorous, but you requested no spoilers. Another recommendation for a first play through would be having an Elf in the party. This can be your own original character or bringing Sebille along. Taking the Red Prince, Fane and Sebille with give you the TAGs : Scholar, Mystic, Noble, Outlaw. That just leaves Barbarian, Soldier and Jester. On a first play through, Soldier is a good option. As such, I would recommend going with Ifan or your own character with Soldier. Again, feel free to plan to try some of these out on a future play through.

Explore and enjoy the game as so many of have.
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