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Exclude player from multiplayer

Posted By: Tuxisageek

Exclude player from multiplayer - 29/06/19 02:35 PM

Hello all,

We began a game with 2 friends, but one of them don't want to play anymore.
So, we would exclude him from the game in order to activate the lone wolf skill.

We searched for hours, unable to exclude him.
Is there a way to do this ? it's really compelling that we can not do it simply.

Thank you.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Exclude player from multiplayer - 30/06/19 03:45 AM

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove an avatar character from the party.

Depending on how far you are into the game, if you are playing on PC and restart, there are at least mods to skip the first act (Joyless Beginnings), or just skip the beginning of Fort Joy (level 4; The Great Escape - Skip The Hold and Skim Fort Joy); I have not tried either.
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