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Modding Question. can't be done in engine.

Posted By: Snardbuckett

Modding Question. can't be done in engine. - 11/09/19 04:15 AM

Ok i have been butting my head against this problem for a while ... i need to modify some things for a mod I'm trying to make but I'm just not getting what i need from the videos provided, they are mostly themed towards creating or modding abilities in such a way as they are already in the game, and even the game extracting videos are pretty gloves off small changes. I've already tried joining a few discords but they are generally not interested in talking shop or helping people trying to figure out the engine at the base nuts and bolts.

I have a touch of OOP under my belt but not enough to make this easy for me. here are the steps i want to take ::

1. Change the character "Class" in the extracted game files to have different stat names with different effects ( i want to link some different stats to different formulas) this would ultimately also change the number of stats on the character sheet (the strength, dexterity, etc. page) and to change the ratio of one stat point to its in game effect.

2. I want to revamp the hit and ranged hit formula for my mod.

3. I want to revamp the incoming damage formula to subtract armor from the hit (i intend to revamp armors as well.).

4. I want to fiddle with the vitality system to prevent it from scaling on its own(i want to turn off all stat bloat so only con adds to health)

I'm just not really finding the available tutorial videos are helping me get it ... Also if there is someone really interested in potentially building a large scale mod that i intend to turn into a game and pitch to Larian I could use some help. Or just someone more knowledgeable than me willing to share some help i have discord. Once the core mechanics are updated and changed i'm pretty sure i can take care of the rest myself ... i just cant get past this hurdle.
Posted By: Snardbuckett

Re: Modding Question. can't be done in engine. - 11/09/19 05:32 AM

I think i finally found the #1 file \Public\Shared\Stats filename Character_Character. but i still need help on exactly how to adjust this file. Its possible that #2 is also handled here in this file 3 has some parts of it here. 4 has its base value here.
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