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Question about cross-saves

Posted By: Jasmeralia

Question about cross-saves - 15/09/19 10:47 PM

I know the Switch platform does not natively support achievements like Steam does (which is a minor annoyance to me, as it helps me track my progression and work towards completing specific goals, but that is not something under your control). But with cross-saves between the Switch and Steam, will I earn the achievements on the Steam side when the saves sync / retroactively if I load the save file on Steam, or are they only earned if you satisfy the conditions while playing on the Steam version?
Posted By: Raze

Re: Question about cross-saves - 17/09/19 06:46 AM

They are only earned if you satisfy the conditions while playing the Steam version. If you save before starting/completing relevant events, you can load the save in Steam and re-do it. However, that would require either knowing when achievements are triggered (which could involve spoilers for a first playthrough) or frequent saving (to limit how much you would need to re-do).
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