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Burning Pigs quest (spoilers)

Posted By: Hayashi.226

Burning Pigs quest (spoilers) - 30/09/19 02:13 AM

I've one pig left to heal but I think I've used up all the source pools in the vicinity. I walked around the area & triple checked that all have been used up and there are none left that I can see.
How do I top up my source points? Thus far only the main character (Ifan) has the collar unlocked, the rest of the party still have their collars on.
Posted By: Sakaratte

Re: Burning Pigs quest (spoilers) - 01/10/19 02:46 PM

If you head to the armoury, where you find Gareth, there is a jar of source you can use to indefinitely replenish your source points. Leaving the area won't reset the quest thankfully.
Posted By: Hayashi.226

Re: Burning Pigs quest (spoilers) - 02/10/19 01:45 AM

Thanks. smile
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