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Sob Story.

Posted By: Snore

Sob Story. - 14/02/20 01:34 AM

This will likely be removed, but I'm gonna try anyways.

So I have lousy internet. I knew this when I bought dos2 complete collection on steam back in November of last year, knowing it was 30+ gb. And still I bought it. I figured I could nibble away at it downloading bits here and there, on my 32/gb month data capped internet. Then you dropped a new gift bag, and it reset everything I downloaded, so I'm back to starting all over again.

So is there any chance I can get most of the files mailed on a thumb drive or something, so I only have to download a few gb, rather than the 39gb that its currently showing on steam.


Posted By: Raze

Re: Sob Story. - 14/02/20 02:39 AM

Can you get access to better internet at work/school or a friend or relative's house, etc?

There should be a hotfix released soon, but after that the next update will likely be a while (last few updates have been 2 or 3 months apart).
Posted By: Snore

Re: Sob Story. - 14/02/20 04:20 PM

Thanks, guess I'll just wait until they stop updating the game then try and get it.

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