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When to start crafting gear?

Posted By: Lady Gina

When to start crafting gear? - 11/07/19 01:32 PM

Hi there!

I'm pretty new to Divinity Original Sin and I'm not sure if/when I should start with crafting gear (weapons, armor, etc).

From my current understanding, all item levels depend on my character level - this means any crafted gear at low levels is basically wasted crafting materials?

So at what point should I start to invest crafting materials to craft new gear or improve the gear from loot?

Also, I'm trying to find out what maximum gear stats look like - there must be some sort of limit for stats?
Posted By: Hayashi.226

Re: When to start crafting gear? - 12/07/19 03:07 AM

I hardly ever craft gear, I use whatever weapons, armor etc I loot or (occasionally) buy from vendors. But I did start crafting useful stuff like potions, etc pretty much from the start.
I guess it'd be up to you, your play style and your needs at the moment. But read all the recipe books you can, and maybe hoard crafting material.
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