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Final Fights - How to Call Adramahlihk? (now spoil

Posted By: caninelegion

Final Fights - How to Call Adramahlihk? (now spoil - 20/03/20 01:30 PM

Well, he's supposed to come when I call according to the deal we made, even marked my arm. So, how do I get him into the fight?

EDIT: Well, that was a let down; I expected an ally and he shows up afterwards expecting me to honor the pact he did not honor. Demons! smile

On the positive side, with some strategic saving, I saw many of the endings. I go on record as saying that the God King and Fane-King endings are the evil/bad endings as I suspected; everybody is angry with you (well, except the eternals I suppose) and the world enslaved even though the people did nothing to the eternals - only their fellow eternals stabbed them in the back. I guess the only thing left is to see how Lohse does - I've already seen what happens when the people found out I made a pact with demons but it might be different somewhat with the demon being inside the divine. Somehow, I suspect it'll be more alike then different if not exactly the same. At least I got a use out of the mercenaries since my cohorts deserted me on Nameless Isle. Funny that they (the mercenaries) are all source masters. I should have just paid them to train me. Oh, and one other wrinkle of unknown importance to me, Fane was my main character but, at Nameless Isle, I decided to let Sybille be the divine. She made the deal with Adramahlihk and was killed by him. I wonder how the game handles it if the main character says, "no way" with no other option. It can hardly kill the main character and have the game end with it so near the end (can it?) . I also saved just before the deal. I know one is abruptly seen the door if one doesn't deal with the doctor and I assume that's the end of it unless Lohse is in your party (did I say that? No Lohse in my party this game?). I'd rather not replay from that point to find out nothing is different - anyone know?
Posted By: caninelegion

Re: Final Fights - How to Call Adramahlihk? (now spoil - 23/03/20 05:55 AM

Is Medhat, the dead guy in the blood rose cave a holdover from a prior game? It just seems familiar; perhaps from the Dragon Knight games? There's another maybe familiar name on a dead guy in the gargoyle maze but, alas, I can't remember the name right now (around the corner from the door leading into the necromancer dungeon).
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