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A few questions from a new player

Posted By: Agi

A few questions from a new player - 02/05/20 07:33 AM

I'm really enjoing the game but there are a few little thing that i dont get: FYI i'm playing DE autoupdated by GOG on a decent but no more top of the line PC

I feel an idiot asking but is there a way to pause the game? Combat is turn based and that is ok but being able to pause the game when i want to click on a squirrel that is running around or just after the end of a battle to look at who needs immediate assistance being badly wounded and sitting unarmoured on a puddle of fire would make my life of aged player a bit easier

In DOS 1 crafting was overpowered and the way to win being able, with magic needle and some scraps, to craft armour better than anything in shops, in DOS 2 crafting options are a lot less and home made armour isnt comparable with loots and shops inventory. In my playthrough i just crafted arrows and a lot of food to sell to be able to buy skillbooks at the beginning and nothing at all now that i'm sitting over 15k gold

I have the feeling that game is getting slower during reloads, probably because i have way too many savegames; question if: where are the savegames? i dont want to delete them one at a time from game interface but be able to shift click canc from exploreri

Do you know a good mod for inventory management? i'll just be happy to see my inventory as a list, not a grid, and very happy if i could sort the list by attributes and have more filtering option because my ingredients list is getting too crowded
Posted By: Raze

Re: A few questions from a new player - 02/05/20 08:31 AM

There is no way to pause the game. Animals should stop periodically (briefly) when running around. Get a bedroll for each of your party members, and you can use it after combat whoever is active when it ends (add it to the hotbar).

The levels tend to get larger later in the game, and the farther you get into each act, the more data there is to keep track of.
Each save is a folder in the '..\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\PlayerProfiles\<ProfileName>\Savegames\Story' folder.
You can move saves to another location, or otherwise back them up, though if you have cloud saves enabled, either disable it, so the 'missing' saves do not get downloaded when you restart the game, or copy the saves elsewhere, and then delete them in-game.
In Galaxy cloud support can be disabled either globally (click on the button and select Settings, and then Features) or just for this game (with the game selected, click the More button and select Settings, then near the bottom unselect the Cloud saves option).

There are no such mods, AFAIK.
Posted By: Agi

Re: A few questions from a new player - 02/05/20 02:22 PM

Bedrolls ok, but if i finish the fight in a necrofire area doesnt look a smart idea to use a bedroll there; maybe the AI is smart enough to move to a safe area before using the bedroll, will try it.

Found the savegames, tnx. So it's normal that loading a savegame takes longer now that i just finished exploring Driftwood area than they were when i was in Fort Joy

Other questions:

When you finish a quest you receive the prize and you have to choose beetween a few items; problem is that you can compare them only with the eqipment of the player talking with the quest giver and i found no way to know, if it was the mage talking, if the shiny plate would be a nice improvement for the tank or the bow better than the one used by the ranger. In shops you can change char using the two keys near the P and then buy with the designated buyer, but after quests i found no way to do that, apart the old cheesy save and reload

There are a few chests in places i havent been able to reach not even with teleport, Cloak and Dagger or Tactical retreat; one is in the Archive where you find the second piece of Anatema and another near where you kill the Harbringer of Doom for the succubus. Are there more poweful movement spells or it's just that i didnt try hard enough?

What happens if you use armour of a level higher than you are? With weapons you have a 20% penalty in accuracy, but i found no penalty with armour and rings
Posted By: LostSoul

Re: A few questions from a new player - 03/05/20 01:51 AM

Hi you can use armor, rings of high level without penalty.
I saw a video of someone teleporting that chest on blood island but haven't tried it myself.
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