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[BUG] Lohse Permanently Wet

Posted By: SpippeyForTheWin

[BUG] Lohse Permanently Wet - 17/09/17 06:56 PM

Minor Act 2 Spoilers ahead.

So I was in Wreckers Cave and had made it all the way to the shark fight in the underground cave. I did that and went back to town and noticed that Lohse was permanently wet. Since this annoyed me I reloaded a save before that had happened and noticed that as soon as she stepped into the water down there she was getting the buff permanently.

Thinking that this water was cursed (Not really but bug wise) I just had the MC run across, grab the gem and waypoint out. Now as I'm going to save the Meistr to the east of the town I noticed even in this water as soon as I step in Lohse gets the permanent wet debuff again.

If there is a way to resolve this issue without having to tamper with my game save I'd really like to do that. I tried killing Lohse after she gets the debuff and reviving her but she gets it back. I set her on fire and it comes back after. Running a lone wolf game so I don't have any other companions to check if it's everyone or just her.

Including some screenshots of before and after.
Posted By: Cokomantis

Re: [BUG] Lohse Permanently Wet - 19/09/17 09:07 AM

i've encountered this bug as well.

i have sebille (avatar), ifan, fane and lohse in my party. i don't know where exactly it happened but i didn't finish act 1 (i've just met zaleskar) and i can confirm that other party members aren't bugged.
Posted By: Butcher

Re: [BUG] Lohse Permanently Wet - 19/09/17 09:57 AM

Maybe your character is so handsome and muscular she is permanently wet if you catch my drift.
Posted By: CaesarCzech

Re: [BUG] Lohse Permanently Wet - 19/09/17 11:23 AM

Posted By: XaOs

Re: [BUG] Lohse Permanently Wet - 25/09/17 05:13 PM

I used the export tool to fix my save file. Super easy to follow and worked like a charm! Make sure you use the latest export tool (v1.8.4)

Here's the link to the thread:
Posted By: gGeo

Re: [BUG] Lohse Permanently Wet - 25/09/17 07:04 PM

Originally Posted By: CaesarCzech
Obviously, its not a bug, she is horny bi*ch.
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