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Ending Bug (Spoilers)

Posted By: carbert

Ending Bug (Spoilers) - 03/12/19 06:38 AM

I was playing coop with a friend. After we win the final battle we both refuse divinity, but the game gets stuck after we both make the choice. The Narrator just prints "..." If we both choose divinity we're able to fight.

Not sure if that's causing a problem.We had a third friend but he wasn't able to keep playing. We still used his character and control it and also refused with that character.

Has anyone seen this before? Is there a fix? Playing classic edition.

Posted By: Raze

Re: Ending Bug (Spoilers) - 03/12/19 08:23 AM

There should be a dialogue triggered there if all avatar characters refuse to claim divinity (or technically, claim to be the one to make that choice).

There is no way to continue, with any of the characters? You could try having the host test that in single player, to see if that makes a difference, or make sure a couple of the avatar characters are dead before the end of combat.

If you email with your save (or a Dropbox or Google drive link, etc), I can see if the developer build of the game can skip to the next dialog, so you can go through that ending. If you are using any mods, also include a list of those enabled and/or the modsettings.lsx file from your profile folder.
Each save is a folder in the '..\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2\PlayerProfiles\<ProfileName>\Savegames\Story' folder.
In Windows Explorer you can zip a file or folder by right clicking on it/them and selecting 'Send To | Compressed (zipped) Folder'.
Posted By: carbert

Re: Ending Bug (Spoilers) - 04/12/19 03:49 AM

We tried the host on single player but that didn't work. The two other player characters were dead before then end but revived. Think the only way to get through this is to skip the dialog with the developer build. Thanks for the suggestion!
Posted By: Raze

Re: Ending Bug (Spoilers) - 04/12/19 08:24 AM

It works fine from the save at the end of the fight. It was apparently a glitch with resurrecting Beast and starting the dialog.
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