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DOS2 Macbook pro with external monitor

Posted By: danj

DOS2 Macbook pro with external monitor - 22/05/20 10:18 PM


I have a new macbook pro (2020) with a caldigit dock which has a TB connection to an Asus 34" ultrawide screen.

I could not get DOS2 to work at all, and tried a number of fixes. However, once I disconnected the game and ran it only on the laptop, it worked.

Is there anyway I can get the game to work with the extended monitor? I have trawled google and the forum posts but can't find much on this, other than a couple of threads that suggest DOS2 is not good with external monitors.

Grateful for any advice,

Posted By: Raze

Re: DOS2 Macbook pro with external monitor - 23/05/20 04:48 AM

Did you try setting the external display to mirror the primary display, rather than extend?

If you switch the game to windowed display mode and connect to the dock again, does that let you start the game and move it to the external monitor?
Posted By: danj

Re: DOS2 Macbook pro with external monitor - 23/05/20 11:15 PM

Thanks for the response Raze.

I did try mirroring but this did not make a difference - it still crashed. Is it possible to do this once the game has loaded on the laptop? I will try later.

I will try the windowed mode fix you mention, but previously I could not get it to load in windowed mode - and I have to actively switch off the external monitor and docking station to make it work at all. So not sure how this will go!

Posted By: Raze

Re: DOS2 Macbook pro with external monitor - 24/05/20 01:02 AM

After you disconnect from the docking station and start the game, if you switch it to windowed mode in the graphics options and exit, it should remain that way if you try starting it again when docked.

Please email (or post/PM) with the rest of your system specs (you can use the 'System Report' button from the 'About This Mac' Apple menu item, or the 'System Information' app in the utilities folder), including the OS version number.
Also include a crash report (collected in the 'Console' application, under 'User Reports'), or Dropbox or Google drive link, etc. Alternately, the crash reports may be saved in the '~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports' or '~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter' folders.
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